Comparing Direct Measurements and Geostrophic Estimatesof the Velocity Structure
of the Agulhas Current.

 Lisa M Beal

 Harry L. Bryden

Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory of Columbia University

 Southampton Oceanography Centre, UK

Poster presented at the "1998 Conference of the World Ocean Circulation
Experiment: Ocean Circulation and Climate", Halifax, Canada, 24-29 May

 Abstract  5 Comparing geostrophic and LADCP velocities
 1 Introduction  6 Comparing geostrophic and shipboard ADCP velocities
 2 Estimating the measurement errors in geostrophic velocity  7 Ageostrophic flow
 3 LADCP measurement errors  8 Potential Vorticity
 4 Comparing LADCP and shipboard ADCP  References

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