Syllabus for W4051

Advanced Remote Sensing

Instructors:	Christopher Small & Jeffrey Weissel
Schedule:	One hour lecture &  two hour computer laboratory per week
Prerequisite:	Introductory Remote Sensing,Math,Physics
Suggested Text:	None Required.  Weekly Suggested Readings
Evaluation:	Semester project



9/5	Motivation & Applications of Remote Sensing
			LAB: Introduction to image processing software
9/12	Physics of ElectroMagnetic Radiation
		Active & Passive Source Systems
			LAB: Basic Concepts of Optical Image Processing
9/19	Microwave Scattering
			LAB: Basic Concepts of Radar Image Processing

Visible & Infrared Optical Reflectance
9/26	Physics of Optical Reflectance
			LAB: Spatial & Spectral Resolution of various Sensors
10/3	Atmospheric Effects in the Visible and Infrared
			LAB: Atmospheric Correction Models
10/10	Vegetation Reflectance in the Visible & Infrared
			LAB: Multiple Endmember Spectral Mixing
10/17	Mineral and Soil Reflectance in the Visible & Infrared
			LAB: Hyperspectral Signatures & Feature Fitting
10/24	Imaging Spectroscopy and Hyperspectral Analysis
			LAB: Mixture Tuned Matched Filtering

10/31	Project Progress Reports

Microwave Radar Imaging

11/7	Radar Interferometry and Digital Elevation Models
			LAB: Analysis of Digital Elevation Models (DEM)
11/14	Biomass Estimation w/ Radar Polarimetry
			LAB: Polarimetric SAR processing
11/21	Thanksgiving Holiday
11/28	Geological Mapping w/ Radar
			LAB: Tectonic Basin Analysis with TOPSAR
12/5	Final Project Presentations 
			LAB: Ocean Circulation and Coastal Productivity


Last Modification: 9/7/99