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Fall 2008

Notes: Fundamentals of Remote Sensing (CCRS Tutorial) 

Notes: EM Basics - Jensen
Notes: Sensors Supplement - Jensen
Notes: Radar Fundamentals


Notes 2: Spectroscopy

Notes 3: Satellites & Orbits

Notes 4: Sensors

Notes 5: Resolution

Notes 6: Contrast Enhancement, Filtering & The Frequency Domain

Notes 7: Hyperspace

Notes 8: Classification

Notes 9: Spectral Mixing

Notes 10: Change Detection


HW1 - Questions

HW2 - Questions

HW3 - Questions

HW4 - Questions

HW5 - Questions

HW6 - Questions

HW7 - Questions

Lab #1 - Optical Reflectance & Atmospheric Effects

Lab #2 - Sensors, Spatial and Spectral Resolution I

Lab #3 - Sensors, Spatial and Spectral Resolution II

Lab #4 - Spatial Resolution and Contrast Enhancement

Lab #5 - Multispectral Classification

Lab #7 - Multispectral Transformations and Vegetation Phenlogy

Lab #8 - Cartographic Modeling using Satellite Gravity

Lab #9 - Ocean Color

Lab #9 - Ocean Color Questions

Course Notes

Course notes are on reserve in the Geology and Geoscience libraries. Some of these notes are also posted here as pdf files. If your browser is configured properly it will automatically launch Adobe Acrobat or some similar pdf reader. The Acrobat reader is available to download free HERE.

EM radiation

PostScript Version (for printing)

Satellite Orbital Dynamics


Sampling & Resolution

Image Processing

Class 5 Notes PostScript Version (for printing)

Class 4 Supplement - Image Histograms & Contrast Enhancement

Class 5 Supplement - Digital Filtering and Image Enhancement

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