This document describes the sub-directories and files in the TRL-LDEO anonymous ftp SOFTWARE directory. To retrieve any of these programs you must ftp to:, logon as anonymous, and use your email address as a password. Then, change directories to /pub/trl. Go to the directory with the files you want and retrieve them. Remember to use binary mode when retrieving an executable file! All Macintosh executables are stuffed with a self extracting compression program. If you are downloading these files directly onto a Mac you must use MacBinary mode to transfer them. The file Arstan3.sea is a self extracting executable file containing three versions of the latest ARSTAN program only available for the Macintosh. The three files are:

	ARSnoPLOT 		- Power PC version without graphics,
	ARSTAN3ppcTSI 		- Power PC version with graphics,
	arstan030_3FPUtsi 	- Non-Power PC version with graphics.


	Cofecha.FAT	 	(FAT binary files run on ALL Macs)
	Edrm.FAT		(Edit a measurement file)
	Xdate.FAT		(X-dating program for floating series)
	ARSTAN3.sea		(New 2/98)

Since June 1999 the free FORTRAN measuring program PJK7v2 for Mac and DOS platforms is no longer being distributed. It has been replaced by a significantly improved JAVA language version that was developed and paid for by forward thinking, altruistic members of the tree-ring community. The new, fully windows and Mac OS <7.6.5 GUI version is available at the following website: MeasureJ2X. MeasureJ2X is not free. There is a subscription fee to own this software. The price you will pay equals the average contribution, contributed by those mentioned above, during the development phase of the new software. However you may download a free, 30 day trial version that is fully operational to try. If you like the program then buy a J2X subscription and know that when updated versions come along you'll get one. The subscription fees go to supporting the software and, when there is enough, upgrading it! Anything extra will go to help keep the North American Dendroecological Fieldweek out of the red. But that probably will not happen for a while.
            ********* Software Disclaimer **********

Since all this software is FREE we do not wish to bare any responsibility for it's misuse, disabilities or inadequacies. You use them at your own risk, not that they will destroy your career or blow up your computer, but, you know what I mean. All these programs do have proper citations which should be honored. Programs ARSTAN, COFECHA, and XDATE were written by Ed Cook and Richard Holmes. There is a whole body of literature that describes these programs and the principles they employ. Though it would have been prudent to include those references here there are just too many to list. Maybe someday in the future, but the most critical are:
Programs Cofecha & Xdate,
	Holmes, R. 1983. Computer Assisted Quality Control in Tree-Ring Dating
	and Measurement. Tree-Ring Bulletin 44:69-75
Program ARSTAN,
	Cook, E.R. 1985. A Time Series Approach to Tree-Ring Standardization.
	Unpublished PhD Dissertation. University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ, USA
	Cook, E.R. and K. Peters. 1981. The Smoothing Spline: A New Approach
	to Standardizing Forest Interior Tree-Ring Widths Series for
	Dendroclimatic Studies. Tree-Ring Bulletin 41:45-53.
Finally, a note regarding support. We will always TRY! to help. Keep in mind that we are not in the business of writing software and for us these programs evolve depending on our needs not necessarily the needs of others. Therefore, we are not responsible for customizing them to run with your data on your computer.

Last modification: August, 1999

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