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Section: MB-System 5.0 (1)
Updated: 2 February 2016


mbauvloglist - Lists table data from an MBARI AUV mission log file.



Version 5.0



mbauvloglist -Ifile [-Fprintformat -Llonflip -Mmode -Nnavfile -Olist -P -S -V -H ]



MBauvloglist reads an MBARI AUV mission log file and lists specified fields in tab-delimited text output. MBARI AUV mission logs are binary files with an ascii header describing the units, name, and binary size of each value in a single record. An example of a log file header is:

# binary fastcatlog
# timeTag time %8.8e ,time ,UNKNOWN
# double conductivity %8.8e ,Calculated conductivity ,Siemens/meter
# double temperature %8.8e ,Calculated temperature ,Celsius
# double pressure %8.8e ,Calculated pressure ,Decibars
# double calculated_salinity %8.8e ,Calculated salinity ,Volts
# double cond_frequency %8.8e ,Raw Conductivity frequency ,Hertz
# double temp_counts %8.8e ,Raw Pressure A/D counts ,Unitless
# double pressure_counts %8.8e ,pressure_counts ,Unitless
# double pressure_temp_comp_voltage_reading %8.8e ,Raw pressure temp compensation voltage reading ,Volts
# double calculated_sound_velocity %8.8e ,Calculated sound velocity ,M/s
# begin

Users can extract arbitrary text lists of values in the AUV log files by using the -O option repeatedly to specify fields by name (e.g. calculated_sound_velocity) in the order desired. The print formatting statements (e.g. %8.8e) included in the log header is used by default. However, users can use the -F option to specify optional formatting for fields specified in following -O commands.

To find out the values contained in any particular log file, use the -P option alone to print out a list of the contents. Then run mbauvloglist again using the -O option to specify each of the desired values in the desired order of columns. The -F option can be used to set the printing format. Otherwise, the default format specified in the log header will be used.

The -Mmode option sets the output mode. By default, the output will be ASCII text with tab characters between fields, which is equivalent to -M0. If fImode = 1, then the output will be ASCII text with comma delimiters. If mode = 1, then the output will binary values (8-btye double or 4-byte int values) with nothing between the desired fields.

For log files that do not include navigation, an external navigation file in the "fnv" format may be specified using the -N option.

As of August 2009, the contents of the MBARI Mapping AUV missions logs are:

DropWeight.log Contents:
 timeTag time %8.8e ,time ,UNKNOWN
 short WDTimer %d ,Count Down Timer ,Seconds
 short BWTimer %d ,Burn Wire Timer ,Seconds
 short WDClear %d ,Watch Dog Clear ,Unitless
 short AcommsDN %d ,Acoustic Comms Drop Now ,Unitless
 short WDStatus %d ,Watch Dog Status ,Unknown
 short DWout %d ,Drop Weight Active ,Unitless
 short GulperProxIn %d ,Gulper Proximity Sensor ,Unitless

adam6017.log Contents:
 timeTag time %8.8e ,time ,UNKNOWN
 double chan0 %8.8e ,chan0 ,UNKNOWN
 double chan1 %8.8e ,chan1 ,UNKNOWN
 double chan2 %8.8e ,chan2 ,UNKNOWN
 double chan3 %8.8e ,chan3 ,UNKNOWN
 double chan4 %8.8e ,chan4 ,UNKNOWN
 double chan5 %8.8e ,chan5 ,UNKNOWN
 double chan6 %8.8e ,chan6 ,UNKNOWN
 double chan7 %8.8e ,chan7 ,UNKNOWN

ats.log Contents:
 timeTag time %8.8e ,time ,UNKNOWN
 double AtsDelta %8.8e ,Last ms drift bt Reson and Auv clocks: drift = delta0 - (tReson-tAuv) ,seconds
 double AtsDrift %8.8e ,AtsDrift ,seconds

dvl.log Contents:
 timeTag time %8.8e ,time ,UNKNOWN
 double dvlBotVelx %8.8e ,dvlBotVelx ,UNKNOWN
 double dvlBotVely %8.8e ,dvlBotVely ,UNKNOWN
 double dvlBotVelz %8.8e ,dvlBotVelz ,UNKNOWN
 double dvlBotVele %8.8e ,dvlBotVele ,UNKNOWN
 short dvlBotVelStat %d ,dvlBotVelStat ,UNKNOWN
 double dvlWatVelx %8.8e ,dvlWatVelx ,UNKNOWN
 double dvlWatVely %8.8e ,dvlWatVely ,UNKNOWN
 double dvlWatVelz %8.8e ,dvlWatVelz ,UNKNOWN
 double dvlWatVele %8.8e ,dvlWatVele ,UNKNOWN
 short dvlWatVelStat %d ,dvlWatVelStat ,UNKNOWN
 double dvlTemp %8.8e ,dvlTemp ,UNKNOWN
 double dvlPitch %8.8e ,dvlPitch ,UNKNOWN
 double dvlRoll %8.8e ,dvlRoll ,UNKNOWN
 double dvlHeading %8.8e ,dvlHeading ,UNKNOWN
 double dvlBeam1 %4.6f ,dvlBeam1 ,UNKNOWN
 double dvlBeam2 %4.6f ,dvlBeam2 ,UNKNOWN
 double dvlBeam3 %4.6f ,dvlBeam3 ,UNKNOWN
 double dvlBeam4 %8.8e ,dvlBeam4 ,UNKNOWN
 double dvlRange %8.8e ,dvlRange ,UNKNOWN
 double dvlToping %20.4f ,dvlToping ,UNKNOWN
 double dvlSpdSnd %12.4f ,dvlSpdSnd ,UNKNOWN

dynamicControl.log Contents:
 timeTag time %8.8e ,time ,UNKNOWN
 double myTime %.2f ,myTime ,UNKNOWN
 double xTrackError %8.8e ,xTrackError ,UNKNOWN
 double cPsi %8.8e ,cPsi ,UNKNOWN
 double cDeltaR %8.8e ,cDeltaR ,UNKNOWN
 double tPsi %8.8e ,tPsi ,UNKNOWN
 double psiProp %8.8e ,psiProp ,UNKNOWN
 double psiInt %8.8e ,psiInt ,UNKNOWN
 double psiRate %8.8e ,psiRate ,UNKNOWN
 double xteIntegral %8.8e ,xteIntegral ,UNKNOWN
 double kxte %8.8e ,kxte ,UNKNOWN
 double dPsi %8.8e ,dPsi ,UNKNOWN
 double speedCmd %8.8e ,speedCmd ,UNKNOWN
 double omegaCmd %8.8e ,omegaCmd ,UNKNOWN
 double cDepth %8.8e ,cDepth ,UNKNOWN
 double tDepth %8.8e ,tDepth ,UNKNOWN
 double DepthError %8.8e ,DepthError ,UNKNOWN
 double dIntegral %8.8e ,dIntegral ,UNKNOWN
 double mDepthRateTerm %8.8e ,mDepthRateTerm ,UNKNOWN
 double cTheta %8.8e ,cTheta ,UNKNOWN
 double pitchProp %8.8e ,pitchProp ,UNKNOWN
 double pitchInt %8.8e ,pitchInt ,UNKNOWN
 double pitchRate %8.8e ,pitchRate ,UNKNOWN
 double pitchIntInp %8.8e ,pitchIntInp ,UNKNOWN
 double cDeltaEBL %8.8e ,cDeltaEBL ,UNKNOWN
 double cDeltaE %8.8e ,cDeltaE ,UNKNOWN
 double targetNorthing %13.2f ,targetNorthing ,UNKNOWN
 double targetEasting %13.2f ,targetEasting ,UNKNOWN
 double newBearing %8.8e ,newBearing ,UNKNOWN
 double newNorthing %13.2f ,newNorthing ,UNKNOWN
 double newEasting %13.2f ,newEasting ,UNKNOWN
 short first %d ,first ,UNKNOWN

fastcatlog.log Contents:
 timeTag time %8.8e ,time ,UNKNOWN
 double conductivity %8.8e ,Calculated conductivity ,Siemens/meter
 double temperature %8.8e ,Calculated temperature ,Celsius
 double pressure %8.8e ,Calculated pressure ,Decibars
 double calculated_salinity %8.8e ,Calculated salinity ,Volts
 double cond_frequency %8.8e ,Raw Conductivity frequency ,Hertz
 double temp_counts %8.8e ,Raw Pressure A/D counts ,Unitless
 double pressure_counts %8.8e ,pressure_counts ,Unitless
 double pressure_temp_comp_voltage_reading %8.8e ,Raw pressure temp compensation voltage reading ,Volts
 double calculated_sound_velocity %8.8e ,Calculated sound velocity ,M/s

gps.log Contents:
 timeTag time %8.8e ,time ,UNKNOWN
 integer hours %d ,Hours ,Hours
 integer minutes %d ,Minutes ,Minutes
 integer seconds %d ,Seconds ,Seconds
 integer centiSeconds %d ,CentiSeconds ,CentiSeconds
 angle latitude %8.8e ,Vehicle latitude ,Degrees
 angle longitude %8.8e ,Vehicle longitude ,Degrees
 short quality %d ,GPS quality code ,Unitless
 short numberOfSatellites %d ,Number of satellites visible ,Unitless
 double hdop %8.8e ,Horizontal dilution of precision ,Unitless
 double antennaHeight %8.8e ,Altitude of GPS antenna above mean sea level ,meters
 double geoHeight %8.8e ,Geoidal separation ,meters
 short dgpsDataAge %d ,Age of differential GPS correction ,seconds
 short dgpsRSID %d ,Differential reference station ID ,Unitless

kearfott.log Contents:
 timeTag time %8.8e ,time ,UNKNOWN
 integer mCyclesK %d ,mCyclesK ,UNKNOWN
 integer mModeK %d ,mModeK ,UNKNOWN
 integer mMonK %d ,mMonK ,UNKNOWN
 double mLatK %3.8f ,mLatK ,UNKNOWN
 double mLonK %3.8f ,mLonK ,UNKNOWN
 double mNorthK %13.2f ,mNorthK ,UNKNOWN
 double mEastK %13.2f ,mEastK ,UNKNOWN
 double mDepthK %8.8e ,mDepthK ,UNKNOWN
 double mRollK %8.8e ,mRollK ,UNKNOWN
 double mPitchK %8.8e ,mPitchK ,UNKNOWN
 double mHeadK %8.8e ,mHeadK ,UNKNOWN
 double mVbodyxK %8.8e ,mVbodyxK ,UNKNOWN
 double mVbodyyK %8.8e ,mVbodyyK ,UNKNOWN
 double mVbodyzK %8.8e ,mVbodyzK ,UNKNOWN
 double mAccelxK %8.8e ,mAccelxK ,UNKNOWN
 double mAccelyK %8.8e ,mAccelyK ,UNKNOWN
 double mAccelzK %8.8e ,mAccelzK ,UNKNOWN
 double mPrateK %8.8e ,mPrateK ,UNKNOWN
 double mQrateK %8.8e ,mQrateK ,UNKNOWN
 double mRrateK %8.8e ,mRrateK ,UNKNOWN
 double utcTime %8.8e ,utcTime ,UNKNOWN

m3dmgx1.log Contents:
 timeTag time %8.8e ,time ,UNKNOWN
 angle mRollCB %8.8e ,Roll ,Degrees
 angle mOmega_xCB %8.8e ,Roll rate ,Degrees/second
 angle mPitchCB %8.8e ,Pitch ,Degrees
 angle mOmega_yCB %8.8e ,Pitch rate ,Degrees/second
 angle mYawCB %8.8e ,Yaw ,Degrees
 angle mOmega_zCB %8.8e ,Yaw rate ,Degrees/second
 double mAccel_xCB %8.8e ,Acceleration along vehicle x-axis ,G
 double mAccel_yCB %8.8e ,Acceleration along vehicle y-axis ,G
 double mAccel_zCB %8.8e ,Acceleration along vehicle z-axis ,G
 double mMag_xCB %8.8e ,Magnetic field along vehicle x-axis ,Gauss
 double mMag_yCB %8.8e ,Magnetic field along vehicle y-axis ,Gauss
 double mMag_zCB %8.8e ,Magnetic field along vehicle z-axis ,Gauss
 double mTempCB %8.8e ,Crossbow internal temperature ,Celsius

navigation.log Contents:
 timeTag time %8.8e ,time ,UNKNOWN
 double mPos_x %13.2f ,Vehicle Northing (WGS 84 Zone 10S) ,Meters
 double mPos_y %13.2f ,Vehicle Easting (WGS 84 Zone 10S) ,Meters
 double mDepth %8.8e ,Vehicle Depth ,Meters
 double mGpsNorth %13.2f ,Northing (WGS 84 Zone 10S) based upon GPS fix ,Meters
 double mGpsEast %13.2f ,Easting (WGS 84 Zone 10S) based upon GPS fix ,Meters
 integer mGpsValid %d ,GPS fix Status code ,Unitless
 double mPhi %8.8e ,Vehicle roll ,Degrees
 double mTheta %8.8e ,Vehicle pitch ,Degrees
 double mPsi %8.8e ,Vehicle yaw ,Degrees
 double mOmega_x %8.8e ,Vehicle roll rate ,Degrees/second
 double mOmega_y %8.8e ,Vehicle pitch rate ,Degrees/second
 double mOmega_z %8.8e ,Vehicle yaw rate ,Degrees/second
 double mPsaRange %8.8e ,Altimeter range ,Meters
 double mAltitude %8.8e ,Vehicle altitude above bottom ,Meters
 double mDvlAltitude %8.8e ,mDvlAltitude ,UNKNOWN
 double mWaterSpeed %8.8e ,Current speed based upon DVL data ,Meters/second
 integer mDvlValid %d ,Dvl valid flag in Navigation ,UNKNOWN
 integer mDvlNewData %d ,Navigation thinks the Dvl has new data ,UNKNOWN
 double mDeltaT %8.8e ,Time between Dvl updates ,Seconds
 double nfix %13.2f ,Northing (WGS 84 Zone 10S) based upon baseline fix ,Meters
 double efix %13.2f ,Easting (WGS 84 Zone 10S) based upon baseline fix ,Meters
 double filter_north %13.2f ,Kalman filter northing (WGS 84 Zone 10S) ,Meters
 double filter_east %13.2f ,Kalman filter easting (WGS 84 Zone 10S) ,Meters
 double filter_depth %8.8e ,Kalman filter depth ,Meters
 double north_current %8.8e ,Northward flowing current estimate ,Meters/second
 double east_current %8.8e ,Eastward flowing current estimate ,Meters/second
 double speed_bias %8.8e ,Speed bias based upon long baseline fixes ,Meters/second
 double heading_bias %8.8e ,Heading bias based upon long baseline fixes ,Degrees
 double latitude %5.8f ,latitude ,UNKNOWN
 double longitude %5.8f ,longitude ,UNKNOWN

parosci.log Contents:
 timeTag time %8.8e ,time ,UNKNOWN
 double depth %8.3lf ,Depth ,Meters
 double temp %8.8e ,Pressure Sensor Internal Temp ,Celsius
 double pressure %8.8lf ,Pressure ,Bars
 double temp_period %8.8lf ,Temperature Period ,Microseconds
 double pres_period %8.8lf ,Pressure Period ,Microseconds

tailCone.log Contents:
 timeTag time %8.8e ,time ,UNKNOWN
 integer status %d ,status ,UNKNOWN
 integer elevatorCurrent %d ,elevatorCurrent ,UNKNOWN
 integer rudderCurrent %d ,rudderCurrent ,UNKNOWN
 float propCurrent1 %f ,propCurrent1 ,UNKNOWN
 integer propCurrent2 %d ,propCurrent2 ,UNKNOWN
 integer propRpm %d ,propRpm ,UNKNOWN
 float elevatorAngle %f ,elevatorAngle ,UNKNOWN
 float rudderAngle %f ,rudderAngle ,UNKNOWN
 integer propPwm %d ,propPwm ,UNKNOWN
 integer propTemp %d ,propTemp ,UNKNOWN



David W. Caress (caress@mbari.org)

  Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute
Dale N. Chayes (dale@ldeo.columbia.edu)

  Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory



This "help" flag cause the program to print out a description of its operation and then exit immediately.
Sets the printing format (in fprintf() style) of the next value specified using the -O option. By default, mbauvloglist uses the print format specified in the log file header. If the -F option has been used, using it again with printformat equal to "default" will reset the print format to that specified in the log file header.
Sets the input MBARI AUV mission log filename.
Sets the range of the longitude values output. If lonflip=-1 then the longitude values will be in the range from -360 to 0 degrees. If lonflip=0 then the longitude values will be in the range from -180 to 180 degrees. If lonflip=1 then the longitude values will be in the range from 0 to 360 degrees. Default: mbauvloglist uses the user default lonflip set using mbdefaults.
Specifies the output mode. If mode = 0, then the output is ASCII text with tab delimiters between fields. If mode = 1, then the output is ASCII text with comma delimiters between fields. If mode = 2, then the output is binary with no values or breaks between fields. Default: ASCII text with tab delimiters.
Specifies a navigation file in the "fnv" format that contains position, heading, sensor depth, and attitude data. Values merged (interpolated) from these data can be specified for output using the
valuenames in the -O option.
Causes mbauvloglist to output the specified value. This option can be given multiple times, and the values will be output in the order specified. The valid valuename strings consist of those defined in the header of the log file being parsed, plus the following:
All of the special values are double values. Those beginning with "merge" derive from interpolation of data from an external navigation file specified using the -N option. The "potentialTemperature" value is defined only when the input file is fastcatlog.log, which contains temperature, pressure, and salinity values.


Prints out the log file header.

Scales angular values to be in degrees instead of radians.
The -V option causes the program to be verbose.


To extract a list of pressure and water sound speed from the CTD log of an AUV mission, use:
        mbauvloglist -I mvc_logs/2006.224.00/fastcatlog.log \

                -F%f -O pressure -O calculated_sound_velocity

This simple list is ordered as the data were collected, following the ups and downs of the AUV mission. In order to construct a model of the water sound speed as a function of depth, one can sort the output of mbauvloglist (using the program sort) to be ordered with increasing pressure (depth), and then resampled into uniform increments of pressure using the GMT program sample1d.
        mbauvloglist -I mvc_logs/2006.224.00/fastcatlog.log \

                -F%f -O pressure -O calculated_sound_velocity \

                | sort -n -u > auv_ssv.txt

        sample1d auv_ssv.txt -Fl -H1 -S0.0 -I10.0 > auv_ssv_bin.txt



mbsystem(1), sample1d, sort.







Last Updated: 2 February 2016

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