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The National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) and the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) gratefully acknowledge the important contributions of the following people for their work to produce the Proceedings of the 29th Monitoring Research Review: Ground-Based Nuclear Explosion Monitoring Technologies.

Authors of papers for excellent research, technical documentation, and cooperation in electronic submission processes.

Dr. Anton M. Dainty, Mr. Robert J. Raistrick, Dr. Frederick R. Schult, AFRL/VSBYE, and Ms. Doris Richards, ESC/PAM, for review and clearance of abstracts and papers related to AFRL contracts.

Dr. Mark T. Woods, Air Force Technical Applications Center (AFTAC)/TTR, for review and clearance of abstracts and papers related to AFTAC contracts.

Dr. Leigh S. House, NNSA/LANL, for technical consultation on papers related to NNSA contracts.

Dr. Stanley D. Ruppert, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL), for assistance in ensuring that the CDs could be read on a variety of platforms and for burning the CDs.

Mr. Marvin A. Wetovsky, Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL), for overall coordination of the Proceedings development and for technical editing and formatting of abstracts and papers.

Ms. Deidré A. Plumlee, LANL, for composition and format of the electronic submissions of the Proceedings covers.

Ms. Jody Benson and Ms. Eileen F. Patterson, LANL, for supplementary technical editing of papers.

Ms. AnnMarie Cutler, LANL, for design and artwork of the CD label.

Ms. Sandra Valdez, LANL, for labeling the CDs.

Mr. Geoff Miller, Ms. Karen LaRue, Ms. Diana Hollis, Mr. Leo Beckstead, Ms. Sandra Bonchin, Mr. Burton Krohn, and Mr. Randy Drake, LANL, for classification review of compiled papers.

IRM-RMMSO, LANL, for color printing and binding of the hard copies.

Ms. Leslie A. Casey, NNSA, for review and clearance of abstracts and papers related to NNSA contracts and for NNSA overall support of the Proceedings.

Dr. Sam J. Dahdouh, NNSA/NREI, for review of abstracts and papers related to NNSA contracts.

Mr. Steven T. Eacret and Mr. David C. Bissell, Space and Missile Defense Command (SMDC), for review and clearance of abstracts and papers related to SMDC contracts. Additional thanks to Dr. Mark S. Pickens, SMDC Lead, and Ms. Charlotte Green, SMDC Administrative Support.

Ms. Mary L. Girven, Sandia National Laboratories (SNL), for making everyone's job easier with web-based technology for abstract and paper submission, on-line review and approval tools, and creation of the master files for the hardcopy, CD, and website versions of the Proceedings.

Ms. Guadalupe (Lupe) Massoth, SNL, for providing assistance to Mary Girven on website development and help in creating the master files.

Dr. David B. Harris, LLNL; Mr. Phillip E. Harben, LLNL; Dr. W. Scott Phillips, LANL; Mr. Ward L. Hawkins, LANL; Dr. Dale N. Anderson, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL); Dr. Harry S. Miley, PNNL; Dr. Ted W. Bowyer, PNNL; Mr. J. Mark Harris, SNL; and Dr. Christopher J. Young, SNL; for a myriad of internal management and technical reviews of NNSA abstracts and papers.