Depth of Burial Experiment in Kazakstan

Depth of Burial Experiment on August 03, 1997

Depth of Burial Experiment, loading for 25-ton shot at 50 m depth.
On August 03, 1997, a 25-ton explosion is conducted at a burial depth of 50 m in a borehole in Balapan
(former Soviet Nuclear Test Site). This picture shows the crew loading explosives for
the explosion (photo courtesy of Luke Kluchko, DSWA).

Waveform data at near-field (few km to 20 km) have been acquired by instrument
deployed by LANL/NNC team. While regional waveforms at distance ranges of 100 - 1000 km
have been acquired by LDEO/LLNL/NNC deployment. See waveform for regional data.

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Last Edited: Oct 09, 1997