Depth of Burial Experiment in Kazakstan

Depth of Burial Experiment, 25-ton Shot at 50 m depth on Aug 03, 1997

Depth of Burial Experiment, 25-ton shot at 50 m depth
On August 03, 1997, a 25-ton explosion is conducted at a burial depth of 50 m in borehole in Balapan
(former Soviet Nuclear Test Site). This picture shows the beginning of the explosion
(photo curtesy of Luke Kluchko of DSWA).

The explosion is supported by DSWA (Defense Special Weapons Agency), US Department of Defense.
Waveform data at near-field (few km to 20 km) have been acquired by instrument
deployed by LANL/NNC team. While regional waveforms at distance ranges of 100 - 1000 km
have been acquired by LDEO/LLNL/NNC deployment. See waveform for regional data.

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Last Edited: Oct 09, 1997