The files in this directory contain digital photographs taken on the SCICEX98 cruise. Jeff Gossett selected and organized these from the collection.



Tempalts Torpedo Room Surfaced Science NP amphipods North Pole Ice Scapes
adcp hull cut robin_dale1 adcp amphipod1 dale and jay np1
adcp waterborne robin_dale2 amphipod amphipod2 greg np2
sidescan filter_assemblies bottle up co_jay ice algae np3
sidescan display filtrations1 coming up chess ice fwd np4
srvs display filtrations2 ctd niskin jay np5
microbiology ctd ready sail polynya1
reading_icecats gantry setup sail_artistic polynya2
water_sample1 line tend ship port bow polynya3
water_sample2 lower ctd ship stbd
workbench niskin rack ship stbd bow
do niskin remove
niskin tend
prep ctd
tent setup 1
tent setup 2