These files contain selected data from the 2 hull mounted CTDs on the SCICEX-96 (Pogy) cruise. "IC1" and "IC2" stand for icecat 1 and 2 respectively. 4 files have the data while an associated "head" provides the SEABIRD set up for each instrument record. In addition to the usual temperature, salinity and depth sensors, icecat 1 was equipped with an oxygen sensor and fluorometer while icecat 2 was equipped with a WET Labs beam transmissometer.

Navigation data were not logged with the sensor data and the periodic latitude and longitude reference points were added to the file on the basis of time from Bernie Coakley's estimated position data. Intermediate positions can be interpolated between these way points.

The data represent 2 sections during which the submarine traveled virtually uninterrupted great circle routes. The section denoted "d262" starts on Sept. 18, 1996 and crosses a region near the Mendelyev Ridge for 615 km. The section denoted "d282" starts on Oct. 8, 1996 and crosses the Chukchi Cap for 436 km.