SCICEX Pogy 1996 Navigation data

One minute navigation data sampled from the SDRS binary files is available by anonymous ftp. The file includes a time tag of the form yy+dd:hh:mm:ss.000, which is the time from the Submarine Data Recording System. dd indicates julian day, which ranges from 1 (January 1st) to 365 or 366 (December 31st) depending on the year. The julian day was not properly transmitted by the SDRS, so records collected prior to jd 289 have been forced to the correct date. Time should be Zulu. The SDRS should have been synched to Zulu before leaving San Diego. (I believe it was, but I don't know that it was).

The remaining two columns contain longitude (0-360) and latitude. The locations were converted from polar grid to Longitude, Latitude pairs. I can document the formulas if you'd like.

The only processing that has been done to this data is the elimination of transients. Eliminating these transients leaves a few (50 or so) one to three minute gaps in the data set. The only substantial gap in the navigation data occurs on julian day 289. The last 14 hours of the day were not logged on the Sun workstation.

Data acquisition started from Pogy on 13 September (jd 257) at 20:38 GMT.
Data acquisition ended on Pogy on 28 October (jd 302) at 20:50 GMT.
A sample data file is available.

You can ftp the whole file. Note that this file is approximately 427 kilobytes gzipped and 2.5 megabytes uncompressed.

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