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'Follow the Overland Traverse'

Helicopter delivering Fuel drums Fuel drums Larsemann Hills Helicopter lifting fuel drums
Beth and I like to call this set of pictures the 'drum roll' can you guess why? smile

OK let's start with all the facts...There are no roads where we are going! There are no gas stations, hotels, houses, hardware or grocery stores. There is no get the idea! Because there are no stores every part of this trip needs to be planned in advance down to the amount of food our project teams will eat, how much sleeping space there is at each of our stops, and the amount of fuel that will be needed to run the project. In planning for an airborne geophysics field program, one quickly learns that the location and transport of the fuel for the planes is hugely important! If you have the fuel in the wrong place, you can't use it, and if you run out of fuel, you can't complete your mission. The stakes are high since a lot of people are working on this project, and it takes a lot of money, effort and time just to get us all down to 'The Bottom of the Earth', Antarctica! (Be sure to check out Getting to Antarctica!)

The center picture above shows 448 drums of fuel (that's the drum roll!) being deposited for the field season. This is 4 loads carried on a large C17 plane, part of what will be used to fuel the planes for this historic program, but we are getting ahead of ourselves...first let's get back to our trip.

Follow the Traverse activity pages are being developed...test out what is here and check back soon for newly added activities!
we are here Getting to Antarctica Agap Setting up Shop - AGAP South & AGAP North
fuel One of by Air, Two if by Sea...Fuel Drops traverse Following the Traverse
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