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US Arctic - Statements of Interest


EMAIL (of lead PI)

Aguilar-Islas, Ana M.
Rember, Robert D.
University of Alaska Fairbanks
amaguilarislas at alaska.edu
Trace elements in Arctic sea ice and snow
Anderson, Robert F.
Moran, S. Bradley
Edwards, R. Lawrence
Lamont-Doherty Earth Obs. of Columbia Univ.
boba at ldeo.columbia.edu
U-series tracer distributions in the water column and sediment of the Arctic Ocean
Baskaran Mark

Wayne State University
Baskaran at wayne.edu

Exchange of key short-lived radionuclides between water and ice-rafted sediments in the Arctic: Implication to the sources and fate of key TEIs in the surface waters of the Arctic
Brzezinski, Mark University of California, Santa Barbara
mark.brzezinski at lifesci.ucsb.edu
US GEOTRACES: Controls on Silicon Isotopes in the Arctic Ocean
Buck, Kristen N Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences
kristen.buck at bios.edu
Organic complexation of dissolved iron
Buesseler, Ken Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
kbuesseler at whoi.edu
Short lived 234Th/238U and 228Th/228Ra isotopes
Charette, Matt Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
mcharette at whoi.edu
The Radium Quartet

Cooper, Lee
Grebmeier, Jacqueline
Maslowski, Wieslaw
Clement-Kinney, Jaclyn

University of Maryland Center for Environ. Sci.
cooper at umces.edu

ARCTIC GEOTRACES: Radionuclide and Stable Isotope Analyses of Water Transport from the Pacific to the Arctic Ocean
Cutter, Greg Old Dominion University
gcutter at odu.edu
US GEOTRACES Arctic Ocean Expedition 2015: Cadmium/phosphate relationships in Arctic water masses
Haley, Brian Oregon State University
bhaley at coas.oregonstate.edu
Neodymium (Nd) isotopes and the rare earth elements (REEs)
Hansell, Dennis A. University of Miami
dhansell at rsmas.miami.edu
Organic tracers of terrigenous TEI sources to the polar mixed layer
John, Seth University of South Carolina
sjohn at geol.sc.edu
US GEOTRACES Arctic section: Iron, zinc, and cadmium stable isotopes
Johnson, Mary Carol University of California, San Diego
mcj at ucsd.edu
Shipboard Data Management and Core Hydrographic Program (PTSO and Nutrients) Technical Support
Juranek, Laurie
Prokopenko, Maria
Oregon State University
ljuranek at coas.oregonstate.edu
Triple Oxygen Isotope (17Δ) and O2/Ar , and δ13C-DIC Tracer Sampling on the Arctic GEOTRACES section
Kadko, David

RMAS/University of Miami
dkadko at rsmas.miami.edu

A novel method of determining atmospheric deposition of trace elements to the Arctic using 7Be
Kenna, Timothy C. Lamont-Doherty Earth Obs. of Columbia Univ.
tkenna at ldeo.columbia.edu
Measurement of selected anthropogenic radionuclides on the US GEOTRACES section in the western Arctic Ocean
Lam, Phoebe J. Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
pjlam at whoi.edu
US GEOTRACES Arctic Transect: the major and trace metal composition of size-fractionated suspended particles collected by in-situ filtration
Lamborg, Carl
Hammerschmidt, Chad
Bowman, Katlin
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
clamborg at whoi.edu
Mercury Studies on the US GEOTRACES Arctic Cruise

Landing, William M.
Buck, Clifton

Florida State University
wlanding at fsu.edu

Aerosol and Precipitation Sampling and Analysis for US Arctic GEOTRACES Cruises

Mathis, Jeremy T.
Byrne, Robert H.

University of Alaska Fairbanks
jtmathis at alaska.edu
Constraining the impacts of reduced pH on trace element solubility in the Arctic Ocean
Measures, Chris
Hatta, Mariko
University of Hawaii
chrism at soest.hawaii.edu
Shipboard and shorebased dissolved trace elements as indicators of sources and recycling in the Arctic
Morton, Peter L. Florida State University
pmorton at fsu.edu
Marine Particulate Major and Trace Elements

Murray, Rick
Moran S. Bradley

Boston University
rickm at bu.edu

ARCTIC GEOTRACES: Dissolved Titanium
Pena, Leopoldo D.
Goldstein, Steven L.
Basak, Chandranath
Lamont-Doherty Earth Obs. of Columbia Univ.
leopoldo at ldeo.columbia.edu
US Arctic GEOTRACES Cruise
Saito, Mak

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
msaito at whoi.edu

Arctic GEOTRACES Total Dissolved Cobalt and Cobalt Speciation
Schlosser, Peter
Newton, Robert
Friedrich, Ronny
Smethie, Jr., William M.
Lamont-Doherty Earth Obs. of Columbia Univ.
schlosser at ldeo.columbia.edu
Stable isotopes of water (H218O/H216O ratio and 2H/H ratio)

Schlosser, Peter
Winckler, Gisela
Friedrich, Ronny
Newton, Robert

Lamont-Doherty Earth Obs. of Columbia Univ.
schlosser at ldeo.columbia.edu
Helium isotopes
Smethie, Jr., William M.
Ho, David
Schlosser, Peter
Newton, Robert
Friedrich, Ronny
Lamont-Doherty Earth Obs. of Columbia Univ.
bsmeth at ldeo.columbia.edu
Transient Tracers
Wozniak, Andrew
Abdulla, Hussain
Sleighter, Rachel L.
Old Dominion University
awozniak at odu.edu
The measurement of aerosol organic matter characteristics to support studies of sources and distributions of Arctic Ocean trace metals
Wu, Jingfeng RSMAS/University of Miami
jwu at rsmas.miami.edu
Dissolved Fe, Mn, Cu, Cd and Zn and colloidal Fe in the western Arctic Ocean
Ziolkowski, Lori A.

McMaster University
lorized at gmail.com

Black carbon in the Arctic: sources, processes and fate