Tertiary Terraces of Calabria, Italy

I am working on 10Be/26Al burial dating in Calabria, Southern Italy.  Calabria is part of a subduction arc in the central Mediterranean that has rolling back for the last 15 million years.  Currently there is evidence for the breaking of the subduction slab resulting in the end of subduction and related uplift all over the region in the last million years.  This uplift has created marine terraces and exposed large Gilbert Deltas deposited off shore.  My research is twofold: first to determine whether CRN Burial Dating is applicable to this region by looking at sediment recycling in the deltas and river profiles and second, to determine whether uplift or rollback has dominated the region in the last two million years by dating the terraces, determining what possibilities exist to cause this uplift, and dating exposure surfaces created along fault surfaces to determine the last movement.

People Involved:

Joerg Schaefer

Meg Rietz

Michael Steckler

and Many More

Meg pondering the quartz content of her samples while in the field. Actually, she is sitting on strongly deformed and tilted evaporites.