Biology and Paleo Environment Directory of Staff, Faculty, Students, and Affiliates

Divisional Contacts
Roseanne D'Arrigo  Associate Director for BPE
Sandra Tiwari , Division Administrator
Mercedes Paulino , Administrative Assistant
     Media Contacts
Kevin Krajick , Senior Science Writer

Name Title 1 Phone Main Email Address Website
Kevin Anchukaitis Adjunct Associate Research Scientist View Website
O. Roger Anderson Adjunct Senior Research Scientist (845) 365-8452 4 Marine Biology View Website
Nichole A. Anest Staff Associate (845) 365-8792 B03B Geoscience
Owen K. Atkin Adjunct Associate Research Scientist 441904328560 University Of York, Dept. Of Biology
Linda D. Baker Research Staff Assistant (845) 365-8721 104A Comer View Website
Stephen R. Barker Adjunct Associate Research Scientist (4429) 2087-4328 Main Building, Park Place
Alexandra Bausch Graduate Research Fellow (845) 365-8781 10 Marine Biology View Website
Nancy Beavan Adjunct Senior Research Scientist
Natalie T. Boelman Lamont Assistant Research Professor (845) 365-8480 Marine Biology 14B View Website
Jeff Bowman Postdoctoral Research Scientist (845) 365-8189 205C Geoscience View Website
Logan Brenner Graduate Research Fellow (845) 365-8727 105 Geoscience
Brendan M. Buckley Lamont Research Professor (845) 365-8782 Tree Ring Lab View Website
Alexander Chekalyuk Adjunct Research Scientist 4 Marine Biology
Paolo Cherubini Adjunct Research Scientist (411) 739-2278 Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research (WSL)
Edward R. Cook Ewing Lamont Research Professor (845) 365-8618 Tree Ring Lab
Benjamin Cook Adjunct Associate Research Scientist View Website
Jane (Liz) Corbett Postdoctoral Research Fellow (845) 365-8420 15 Geochemistry
Lorelei Curtin Graduate Student 104 Geoscience
William D'Andrea Lamont Assistant Research Professor (845) 365-8654 205D Geoscience View Website
Rosanne D'Arrigo Lamont Research Professor (845) 365-8617 Tree Ring Lab
Nigel D'Souza Postdoctoral Research Scientist (845) 365-8619 10 Marine Biology
Emilie Dassie Postdoctoral Research Scientist (518) 210-6702 Geoscience View Website
Nicole K. Davi Adjunct Associate Research Scientist (201)446-8417 113B Monell View Website
Kara Dennis Research Staff Assistant (845) 365-8381 B03A Geoscience
Hugh Ducklow Professor (845) 365-8167 208 Geoscience
Solange Duhamel Lamont Assistant Research Professor (845) 365-8774 15 Marine Biology View Website
Sonya Dyhrman Associate Professor (845) 365-8165 102E Geoscience View Website
Peter M. Eisenberger Professor (845) 365-8550 110 Geoscience
Katherine Esswein Staff Associate (845) 365-8311 205 Geoscience
Giulietta Fargion Adjunct Senior Research Scientist (845) 365-8781 10 Marine Biology
Emma C. Farmer Adjunct Associate Research Scientist (516) 463-5566 Hofstra University
Heather L. Ford Postdoctoral Research Scientist (845) 365-8406 104B Geoscience View Website
Kyle Frischkorn Graduate Student (845) 365-8178 102D Geoscience View Website
Joaquim Goes Lamont Research Professor (845) 365-8467 7 Marine Biology View Website
Helga Gomes Research Scientist (845) 365-8443 7 Marine Biology View Website
Kevin L. Griffin Professor (845) 365-8371 6 Marine Biology View Website
Sheean Haley Senior Staff Associate (845) 365-8166 102D Geoscience View Website
Matthew Harke Postdoctoral Research Scientist (845) 365-8192 102B Geoscience
Laia Andreu Hayles Lamont Assistant Research Professor (845) 365-8517 Tree Ring Lab
James D. Hays Professor Emeritus (845) 365-8403 104 Core Lab
Linda Heusser Adjunct Research Scientist (845) 365-8420 14 Geochemistry
Wei Huang Staff Associate (845) 365-8143 Core Lab 212
Andrew Juhl Lamont Associate Research Professor (845) 365-8837 2A Marine Biology View Website
Cyrus Karas Postdoctoral Research Scientist (845) 365-8727 104 Geoscience
Dennis V. Kent Adjunct Senior Research Scientist (845) 365-8544 Paleomagnetics Lab
Hyewon Kim Graduate Student (845) 365-8311 205 Geoscience
Roger Keith Kjelgren Adjunct Senior Research Scientist (435) 797 2972 Utah State University
Carol Knudson Research Staff Assistant (845) 365-8597 2B Marine Biology
Athanasios Koutavas Adjunct Associate Research Scientist (917) 324-7384 16 Geochemistry View Website
Reinhard Kozdon Lamont Assistant Research Director (845) 365-8619 209 Geoscience
Nyi Nyi Kyaw Adjunct Associate Research Scientist
Caroline Leland Graduate Student (845) 365-8392 Tree Ring Lab
Christopher Lepre Research Staff Assistant (845) 365-8521 102A Paleomagnetic
Peter Letourneau Adjunct Associate Research Scientist 206F Geoscience View Website
Mathieu Levesque Postdoctoral Research Fellow (845) 365-8517 Tree Ring Lab
Jingzhi (Amanda) Liang Graduate Student Geoscience
Beate G. Liepert Adjunct Research Scientist 201 Core Lab View Website
Braddock Linsley Lamont Research Professor (845 365-8306 104E Geoscience View Website
jean Lynch-Stieglitz Adjunct Research Scientist (404) 894-3944 Georgia Inst Of Tech
John Marra Special Research Scientist (845) 365-8891
Javier Martin Fernandez Research Staff Assistant (845) 365-8392 Tree Ring Lab
Dario Martin-Benito Adjunct Associate Research Scientist Tree Ring Lab
Kali McKee Senior Research Staff Assistant (845) 365-8781 10 Marine Biology View Website
Elizabeth Min Graduate Student (718) 578-8588 6 Marine Biology
Baatarbileg Nachin, Dr Adjunct Associate Research Scientist (976) 99156535 Department of Forestry - Faculty of Biology
Mercedes Nelson Administrative Assistant (845) 365-8624 12 Marine Biology
Jonathan Nichols Lamont Assistant Research Professor (845) 365-8428 101D Paleomagnetics
Kevin O'Driscoll Adjunct Research Scientist (845) 365-8780 11 Marine Biology
Gregory O'Mullan Adjunct Associate Research Scientist
Ruth Oliver Graduate Student Marine Biology
Paul E. Olsen Arthur D. Storke Memorial Professor (845) 365-8491 206D Geoscience View Website
Angelica Patterson Graduate Student 101G Paleomagnetics
Neil Pederson Adjunct Assistant Professor View Website
Dorothy M. Peteet Adjunct Senior Research Scientist (845) 365-8420 15 Geochemistry
Sam Phelps Graduate Student 105 Geoscience
Pratigya Polissar Lamont Associate Research Professor (845) 365-8400 210 Geoscience View Website
Kim Popendorf Postdoctoral Research Scientist (845) 365-8774 15 Marine Biology View Website
Emma Rainforth Adjunct Associate Research Scientist (201) 684-7209 505 Ramapo Valley Road View Website
Mukund Rao Graduate Student (917) 834-5543 Tree Ring Lab
Maureen Raymo Lamont Research Professor (845) 365-8801 211 Geoscience View Website
Tammo Reichgelt Postdoctoral Research Scientist (845) 365-8749 205 Geoscience
Cassaundra Rose Graduate Student (845) 365-8727 104 Geoscience View Website
Monica Rouco-Molina Frontiers of Science Lecturer in Discipline (845) 365-8192 102B Geoscience View Website
Denis-Didier Rousseau Adjunct Senior Research Scientist
Alessio Rovere Adjunct Associate Research Scientist View Website
Gerald Rustic Postdoctoral Research Scientist (845) 365-8189 205C Geoscience
Rowan Sage Adjunct Senior Research Scientist (416) 978- 7660 University of Toronto
Raymond N. Sambrotto Lamont Associate Research Professor (845) 365-8402 11 Marine Biology View Website
Robert Sandstrom Graduate Student (845) 365-8727 104 Geoscience
William S. Schuster Adjunct Senior Research Scientist (212) 854-8063 1017 Schermerhorn Ext
Naomi Shelton Staff Associate (845) 365-8188 205 Geoscience
Olga Solomina Adjunct Senior Research Scientist
Ajit Subramaniam Lamont Research Professor (845) 365-8641 2 Marine Biology View Website
Shannan Sweet Graduate Research Fellow 607-227-5616 101G Paleomagnetics View Website
Jan-Erik Tesdal Graduate Student (845) 365-8781 10 Marine Biology
Sandra Tiwari Division Administrator - Biology and Paleo Environment (845) 365-8849 1 Marine Biology
Matthew Turnbull Adjunct Research Scientist University of Canterbury
Kevin Uno Postdoctoral Research Scientist (845) 365-8308 104D Geoscience
Shih-Yu Wang Adjunct Associate Research Scientist
James D. Webster Adjunct Research Scientist (212) 769-5401 Dept. of Earth & Planetary Science
Gregory C. Wiles Adjunct Associate Research Scientist (330) 263-2298 Dept. of Geology
A. Park Williams Lamont Assistant Research Professor (845) 365-8193 Tree Ring Lab
Robert J. Wilson Adjunct Associate Research Scientist (845) 365-8617 Tree Ring Lab
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Peter B. deMenocal Professor (845) 365-8483 207 Geoscience View Website
Nicole deRoberts Research Staff Assistant (845) 365-8188 205 Geoscience