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Current BPE seminar organizing committee: Lorelei CurtinFrancesco MuschitielloJan-Erik Tesdal

Time and Location: Mondays at 1 pm, Comer Seminar Room


Next seminar:

02/20/17: Senjie Lin, UConn

"SEND (sex, energy, nutrients, defense): a power toolkit for dinoflagellates to thrive" 


Diatoms and dinoflagellates are two major groups of phytoplankton that play pivotal roles in marine biogeochemistry. Dinoflagellates are ecologically very successful, occupying diverse econiches. While diatoms dominate spring blooms in the temperate seas, dinoflagellates often succeed diatom blooms and dominate the late spring to summer phytoplankton assemblages. Besides, dinoflagellates are major contributors of coral reef growth, harmful algal blooms, and marine biotoxin. Yet our understanding on how a dinoflagellate gains competitive advantages and thrive in their diverse habitats is still very limited. While diatom ecology has benefited from genomics and functional genetics, such contemporary molecular tools are not as accessible for dinoflagellates. Nevertheless, recent (slow but steady) advances have brought insights into how dinoflagellates regulate gene expression, acquire resources, and adapt to their life style (e.g. symbiosis with corals). I will use some of the latest discoveries as examples to explore what a toolkit a dinoflagellate may possess to grow its population into a bloom condition.


Spring 2017:

Date Speaker Title
Jan 23rd Gerry Rustic Means and Extremes: ENSO variability over the last 1000 (and 100,000) years from individual foraminifera
Jan 30th Karina Shäfer Methane and carbon dioxide dynamics in mitigated and non-mitigated urban tidal wetlands
Feb 6th Joshua Spodek Leadership, Science, Climate, and Human Behavior
Feb 13th no talk  
Feb 20th Senjie Lin SEND (sex, energy, nutrients, defense): a power toolkit for dinoflagellates to thrive
Feb 27th Pratigya Polissar  
Mar 6th Jennifer Marlon  
Mar 13th Sam Phelps Dissertation Proposal
Mar 20th Katie Snell Hot and high times in the western US: Paleoclimate and Paleoelevation, 80 Ma to Present
Mar 27th Hilary Palevsky  
Apr 3rd Andrew Griffith  
Apr 10th Matt Harke  
Apr 17th Kyle Frickshorn  
Apr 24th Jennifer Hertzberg  
May 5th Pam McElwee  
May 8th Jennifer Cherrier