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Centers and Facilities

Argon Geochronology for the Earth Sciences (AGES) Lab

 The Argon Geochronology for the Earth Sciences (AGES) lab is located at Columbia's Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory along the Palisades Parkway in Rockland County, New York. Our lab measures Argon isotope compositions and concentrations, mainly of single mineral grains, on a VG5400 noble gas mass spectrometer to determine the age of mineral formation. Our research subjects include paleocllmate provenance studies, volcanoes and deep earth time.

Cosmogenic Nuclide Group

Erratic Boulder with Mt. Cook in the background, New Zealand's Southern Alps

The LDEO Cosmogenic Dating Group, applies terrestrial cosmogenic nuclides as chronometers and tracers in the Earth Sciences.

Environmental Tracer Group

Members of our group work on a variety of projects including studies of water movement in natural systems (ocean, groundwater), reconstruction of continental paleotemperature records using aquifers


The Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory - American Museum of Natural History ICP-MS Lab is located at Columbia University's Lamont Campus in Palisades NY.

TIMS Facility

The Thermo Scientific Triton is LDEO's only thermal ionization mass spectrometer with negative ion capabilities.