For Prospective Investigators

The R/V Marcus G. Langseth has demonstrated the ability to perform multichannel seismological research, as well as other specialized and general oceanographic research. If you are thinking about a cruise on the vessel, do not hesitate to contact the Marine Office at LDEO. The technical staff is happy to help with ship operations, scientific capabilities and planning, as well as general requirements and questions.

For 2013 and possibly 2014, the ship will likely be in the Atlantic Ocean. If you are thinking about collecting data in this region, now would be a great time to submit a proposal!
The scheduling of the Langseth is coordinated through UNOLS. After submission the Marine Office Technical Manager will contact you.

Visit this site to request time aboard the R/V Marcus G. Langseth, UNOLS Vessel Request Form.

Visit this site to search all UNOLS ship and vehicle requests, All Current UNOLS Vessel Request Forms.

For Non-UNOLS operations, please contact the office.