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Ben Holtzman

Research Professor

Heather Savage

Research Professor

Christine McCarthy

Postdoctoral Fellow


Columbia undergrad (2013) and research assistant Caitlin Dieck is helping revitalize the biaxial friction apparatus and will conduct a research project on slow slip events next semester.

Columbia undergrad (2013) and research assistant Rachel Sheppard is looking at shear heating on faults by extracting organic molecules from sedimentary fault rock and analyzing it in a mass spectrometer.

Lamont postdoc Christine McCarthy is learning the ropes about rock friction in the hopes of designing an ice friction experiment.

Lamont researcher Heather Savage is leading the charge on rock friction experiments (both biaxial and triaxial) to explore multiple aspects of fault mechanics.

Lamont researcher Ben Holtzman offers his expertise on all things melt and microstructure related.

Longtime lab technician, Ted Koczynski keeps everything running smoothly and is spearheading the rehabilitation of some old machinery.