Pacheco-Sykes Catalog of Large Twentieth Centry Earthquakes

Javier Pacheco and Lynn Sykes' catalog of large earthquakes with surface wave magnitude >= 7.0. This is a world-wide catalog that is supposedly complete between years 1900 and 1989.

Note that when several different values for seismic moment for the same earthquake were available in the literature, multiple entries were created for the same earthquake.

Note that only a bibliographic reference number is included in this database. See Pacheco's thesis for the references themselves.


Pacheco, J., PhD Thesis, Columbia Univ. 1991

Pacheco, J. and L.R. Sykes, Seismic moment catalog of large shallow earthquakes, 1900 to 1989, Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America 82, 1306-1349, 1992. Am., 1992.

The Catalog

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