Triep-Sykes Catalog - Map

Intracontinental earthquakes. Light and dark gray areas are Stable (SCR) and Active (ACR) continental regions respectively as defined in text. Circles denote epicenters of earthquakes from 1900 through 1994 with moment magnitudes, Mw, greater than or equal to 5.0. Squares indicate epicenters from 1900 through 1994 with Mw >= 7.0; solid squares the seven of those earthquakes in SCR. Open triangles are Type 1 earthquakes (as defined in text) from 1900 to 1994. Geographical boundaries of the Stable continental regions closely follow those of Electric Power Research Institute [1994]. The area referred to as the Middle East extends from 25 E to 64.5 E. The area referred to as Asia extends to the east of 64.5.