Catherine Pomposi

Graduate Research Fellow
Earth and Environmental Sciences
Ocean and Climate Physics
143 Monell
61 Route 9W - PO Box 1000
Fields of interest: 
Regional Climate Variability, Predictability, and Change; West African Monsoon Dynamics; Climate Services and Food Security; Science Education and Outreach

My work is related to understanding the mechanisms of West African Monsoon variability on seasonal to decadal timescales. This also includes research into the onset of the monsoon and future projected changes. I am very interested in the application of climate information for societies and the relationship between humans and climate. Thus I work closely with researchers at the International Research Institute for Climate and Society to apply research findings to societal challenges such as food security. 

List of degrees from highest to lowest:
M.A. Earth and Environmental Sciences
Columbia University
B.S. Environmental Analysis and Statistics
University of Connecticut
Honors & Awards: 
NSF and USAID Research and Innovation Fellowship, 2014
Sara Fitzgerald Langer Memorial Book Prize, Columbia DEES, 2014
NSF Graduate Research Fellowship, 2011
Selected Publications: 
Moisture Budget Analysis of SST-Driven Decadal Sahel Precipitation Variability in the 20th Century , Pomposi, C.A.; Kushnir, Y; Giannini, A. , Climate Dynamics, (Submitted)

Climate science for Senegalese Farmers, Pomposi, C.A. , (2014)

Sahel Rainfall Variability as simulated by the CAM4 Model and its Associated Atmospheric Dynamics, Pomposi, C.A; Kushnir, Y.; Giannini, A. , American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting, (2013)

Experiences in the New York Academy of Sciences STEM Mentoring Program (Invited), Pomposi, C.A.; Thompson, K.J. , American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting, (2013)

Moisture budget analysis of monsoonal precipitation in the Sahel region of Africa, Pomposi, C.A.; Kushnir, Y; Giannini, A. , American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting, (2012)