Kevin Krajick

Sr. Science Writer
Earth Institute
2910 Broadway
New York
(212) 854-9729
(212) 854-6309
Fields of interest: 
Geology, Geophysics, Ocean Sciences, Climate, Natural Hazards, Ecology, Life in Extreme Environments

Supposedly it was Albert Einstein who said: “Everything should be made as simple as possible—but not simpler.” Whether or not Dr. E. actually said this, I agree. My job as a journalist is to explain science for the public--and scientists at large--clearly, concisely and accurately. (To this end, it rarely hurts to have a good story line, interesting characters, striking ideas and a good sense of humor.) Some may believe this is an impossible task, but I find the challenge to be fun. Furthermore, it is important: scientists have a duty to inform their fellow human beings. Earth science in particular touches nearly every every aspect of our existence. In the end, it often addresses the big issues we face together: natural hazards, the effects of climate, public health, the management of minerals, oil and water, and anything else you can think of. Fundamentally, scientists and journalists pursue the same misson: attempting to understand how the world works, and and reporting truthfully to others what we observe.

List of degrees from highest to lowest:
M.S., Journalism
Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism
B.A. (Honors), Comparative Literature
Columbia University School of General Studies
Honors & Awards: 
AGU Walter Sullivan Award for Excellence in Science Journalism 2004 and 1998
Brock Award for Distinguished Writing on Agriculture 1998
Science Writing Fellow, Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole, Mass. 1996
Selected Publications: 
Race to plumb the frigid depths, Krajick, K. , Science, Mar 16, Volume 315, Issue 5818, p.1525-1528, (2007)

Discoveries in the Dark: The Hidden Ecology of the Underground, Krajick, K. , National Geographic, 09/2007, Volume 12, p.134-142, (2007)

The Mummy Doctor: What Autopsies Tell Us About the Ancient Dead, Krajick, K. , The New Yorker, 05/2005, p.66-75, (2005)

Ice Man: A Glaciologist Scales the Peaks for Science, Krajick, K. , Science, 10/2002, Volume 298, p.518-521, (2002)