Laia Andreu Hayles

Lamont Assistant Research Professor
Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory
Biology and Paleo Environment
Tree Ring Lab
61 Route 9W - PO Box 1000
(845) 365-8517
(845) 365-8150
Fields of interest: 
Dendroclimatology, Paleoclimatology and Ecology in Mediterranean, Boreal and Tropical ecosystems.



My research interest is to understand the interactions between forests and climate applying dendrochronological techniques, using these relationships: (1) to study ecological processes such as forest response to climate; (2) to estimate climatic conditions before the existence of instrumental records (paleoclimatology).

List of degrees from highest to lowest:
University of Barcelona
Department of Ecology. University of Barcelona
Faculty of Biology. University of Barcelona
Honors & Awards: 
- Awarded with the Marie Curie International Outgoing Fellowship (IOF) (call: FP7-PEOPLE-2009-IOF).
- Extraordinary Doctorate Award, University of Barcelona.
- Awarded with Beatriu de Pinós (BP-DGR) postdoctoral grant 2008 (call: DOGC-nº5237-16.10.2008)
-Awarded with MICINN mobility grant for postdoctoral research 2008 (call: BOE-13.03.2009)
-Award of European Doctorate mention (2007).
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Selected Publications: 
Long tree-ring chronologies reveal 20th century increases in water-use efficiency but no enhancement of tree growth at five Iberian pine forests, Andreu-Hayles, L..; Planells, O.; Gutiérrez, E.; Muntan, E.; Helle, G.; Anchukaitis, K.J.; Schleser, G.H. , Global Change Biology , Volume 17, Issue 6, p.2095-2112, (2011)

Varying boreal forest response to Arctic environmental change at the Firth River, Alaska, Andreu-Hayles, L.; D'Arrigo, R.; Anchukaitis, K. J.; Beck, P. S. A.; Frank, D., Goetz, S. , Environmental Research Letters , Volume 6, Issue 4, p.045509, (2011)

A novel approach for the homogenization of cellulose using micro amounts for stable carbon and oxygen isotope analyses, Laumer, W.; Andreu, L.; Helle, G.; Schleser, G.H.; Wieloch, T.; Wissel, H. , Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry , Volume 23, p.1934-1940, (2009), 10.1002/rcm.4105

Climatic significance of tree-ring width and δ13C in a Spanish pine forest network, Andreu, L.; Planells, O.; Gutiérrez, E.; Helle, G.; Schleser, G.H. , Tellus B: , Volume 60, p.771-781, (2008), 10.1111/j.1600-0889.2008.00370.x

Climate increases regional tree-growth variability in Iberian pine forests, Andreu, L.; Gutiérrez, E.; Macias, M.; Ribas, M.; Bosch, O.; Camarero, J.J. , Global Change Biology , Volume 13, p.804-815, (2007), 10.1111/j.1365-2486.2006.01322.x

Response of Pinus leucodermis to climate and anthropogenic activity in the Nacional Park of Pollino (Basilicata, Southern Italy), Todaro, L.; Andreu, L.; D Alessandro, C.M.; Gutiérrez, E.; Cherubini, P.; Saracino, A. , Biological Conservation , Volume 137, p.507-519, (2007), 10.1016/j.biocon.2007.03.010

Signal strength and climate calibration of a European tree-ring isotope network, Treydte, K.; Frank, D.; Esper J.; Andreu, L.; Bednarz, Z.; Berninger, F.; Boettger, T.; D Alessandro, C.M.; Etien, N.; Filot, M.; Grabner, M.; Guillemin, M.T., Gutiérrez, E.; Haupt, M.; Helle, G.; Hilasvuori, E.; Jungner, H., et al. , Geophysical Research Letters , Volume 34, (2007), 10.1029/2007GL031106: 6 pp.

Increasing aridity is enhancing silver fir (Abies alba Mill.) water stress in its south-western distribution limit. , Macias, M., Andreu, L.; Bosch, O.; Camarero, J.J.; Gutiérrez, E. , Climatic Change , Volume 79, p.289-313, (2006), 10.1007/s10584-006-9071-0

Dendrochronological study of the Canal del Roc Roig avalanche path: first results of the Aludex project in the Pyrenees, Muntán, E.; Andreu, L.; Oller, P.; Gutiérrez, E.; Martínez P. , Annals of Glaciology , Volume 38, p.173-179, (2004)

Using vegetation to characterize the avalanche of Canal del Roc Roig, Vall de Núria, eastern Pyrenees, Spain. , Molina, R.; Muntán, E.; Andreu, L.; Furdada, G.; Oller, P.; Gutiérrez, E.; Martínez, P.; Vilaplana, J.M. , Annals of Glaciology , Volume 38, p.159-165, (2004)