Michael S. Steckler

Lamont Research Professor
Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory
Marine Geology and Geophysics
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108E Oceanography
61 Route 9W - PO Box 1000
(845) 365-8479
(845) 365-8156
Fields of interest: 
Tectonics of Sedimentary Basins, Isostasy, Stratigraphic Modeling, Marine Geophysics

Some of projects include:

  • PIRE: Life On A Tectonically-Active Delta: Convergence Of Earth Science And Geohazard Research In Bangladesh With Education And Capacity ( details )
  • Collaborative Research: Uplift and faulting at the transition from subduction to collision - A field and modeling study of the Calabrian Arc ( details )
  • Collaborative Research: Basin Evolution along Continental Transforms: Nested Hi-Resolution Multichannel Survey in the Marmara Sea, Turkey (details)
  • Collision of the Burma Arc accretionary prism with the Ganges-Brahmaputra Delta in Bangladesh
  • Modeling gravity filed and earth deformation from monsoonal flooding in Bangladesh using hydrographic, GRACE and GPS data
  • RAPID: Collaborative Research: Off-Shore Coseismic Effects Of The Port Au Prince Earthquake, Haiti (details)


List of degrees from highest to lowest:
Ph.D. Thesis: The Thermal and Mechanical Evolution of Atlantic-type Continental Margins.
Columbia University
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Honors & Awards: 
Arthur D. Storke Research Fellowship, DEES, Columbia University 1988
A.I. Levorsen Award (best paper, A.A.P.G. Eastern Section). 1980
Lamont/DEES Student List: 
Luc Lavier (UTIG)
Dave Reynolds (Exxon)
Research Blogs: 
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Selected Publications: 
Continental transform basins: Why are they asymmetric?, Seeber, L; Sorlien, C; Steckler, M; Cormier, M-H , EOS, Volume 91, Issue 4, p.29-30, (2010)

Modeling Earth Deformation from Monsoonal Flooding in Bangladesh using Hydrographic, GPS and GRACE Data, Steckler, MS; Nooner, SL; Akhter, SH; Chowdhury, SK; Bettadpur, S; Seeber, L; Kogan, MG , J Geophys Res, (2010)

Spectroscopy of Sediments in the Ganges-Brahmaputra Delta: Spectral Effects of Moisture, Grain Size and Lithology, Small, C; Steckler, M; Seeber, N; Akhter, H; Goodbred, S; Mia, B; Imam, B , Remote Sensing of Environment, Volume 113, p.342-361, (2009)

Imaging the subducted slab beneath the Calabrian Arc, Italy, from receiver function analysis, Piana Agostinetti, N; Steckler, M S; Lucente, F P , Lithosphere - GSA Journal , Volume 1, p.131-138, (2009)

Collision of the Ganges-Brahmaputra Delta with the Burma Arc: Implications for earthquake hazard, Steckler, M. S.; Akhter, S. H.; Seeber, L. , Earth and Planetary Science Letters, Sep 15, Volume 273, Issue 3-4, p.367-378, (2008), DOI 10.1016/j.epsl.2008.07.009

Modeling of sequence geometry north of Gargano Peninsula by changing sediment pathways in the Adriatic Sea, Steckler, M. S.; Ridente, D.; Trincardi, F. , Continental Shelf Research, Feb 1, Volume 27, Issue 3-4, p.526-541, (2007), DOI 10.1016/j.csr.2006.11.007

Seismic anisotropy reveals focused mantle flow around the Calabrian slab (Southern Italy), Baccheschi, P.; Margheriti, L.; Steckler, M. S. , Geophysical Research Letters, Mar 3, Volume 34, Issue 5, p.-, (2007), Doi 10.1029/2006gl028899

Chapter IX: Prediction of margin stratigraphy, Syvitski, J. P. M.; Pratson, L.; Wiberg, P.; Steckler, M.; Garcia, M.; Geyer, R.; Harris, C.; Hutton, E.; Imran, J.; Lee, H.; Morehead; M.; Parker, G. , Continental-Margin Sedimentation: Transport to Sequence, Volume 37, p.459-530, (2007)