AGU Poster: S52B-24
Why does upper mantle heterogeneity cut across the strike of the eastern continental margin of North America?
William Menke, Vadim Levin and Michael West

  1. Title Page
  2. Two-layer model for strain directions
  3. Observations of Shear Wave Splitting
  4. Predictions of the 2-layer model
  5. Modest lateral heterogeneity
  6. Spltting directions for event from NW
  7. Spltting directions for event from NE
  8. Splitting conclusions
  9. New England Streak: a mantle heterogenity
  10. Body wave inversion
  11. Surface waves from the Mid-Atlantic ridge
  12. Analysis of differential traveltimes
  13. Analysis of azimuth anomalies
  14. Conclusions
  15. References
  16. Advertisment of Axial Volcano Talk