On My Condition

4 June 1998

Most of you no doubt know that I was involved in a serious accident in Iceland on 13 May, in which a field vehicle in which I was a passenger plunged off a cliff. Fortunately, both the driver, Bryndis Brandsdottir of the Science Institute of the University of Iceland and I survived. Although we were both injured, we are both now recovering.

I fractured one of the verterbrae of the neck (but luckily without causing neurological damage) and my shoulder. I spent about two weeks in the hospital (Columbia Presbyterian), during which time I was outfited with a "halo brace" that I will need to wear for 12 weeks while the neck fracture heals. The brace is fairly awkward, but nevertheless I am relatively mobile, and can walk around. I was discharged from the hospital last Friday, and have been taking it easy at home. I'm not in pain, but am feeling pretty tired. I don't know when I'll be able to resume a full-time schedule - maybe not till the end of the summer - but as I feel more lively I'll be stopping in for short periods.

I thank all of you who have sent me get-well cards and who have visited while I was in the hospital. Your concern means a lot to me.