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Air, Water and Stone - Lowering CO2 through Sequestration
Western Antarctic Peninsula: Rapid Climate Change and an Ecosystem Near a Tipping Point
Ocean Acidification and Climate Change
Deep Sea Earthquakes: Science and Technology
Ships, Scientists and the Sea: Exploring Earth's Last Frontier
Volcanoes and Vents: A Hidden World Beneath the Sea
The Science Behind Sandy By Adam H. Sobel
Peak Earth Public Lecture, April 22, 2012
Mapping the Source of Great Alaskan Earthquakes Public Lecture, Spring 2012
Landscapes Beneath Our Feet Public Lecture, March 25, 2012
What Do Dead Plants Tell Us About Earthquakes?
Climate Change in Arctic Tundra: From Wildfire to Songbirds Part of the 2011 Public Lecture Series
Hudson River: A Swimmable Future? Part of the 2011 Public Lecture Series
Ancient Trees Reveal Environmental Histories Part of the 2011 Public Lecture Series
A Delicate Balance: Antarctica and its Surrounding Oceans Part of the 2011 Public Lecture Series
Rockland County’s Water Resources Part of the 2010 Public Lecture Series
Currents, Conveyors, and Climate Change Part of the 2010 Public Lecture Series
Detecting and Measuring Landslides with Seismology Part of the 2010 Public Lecture Series
piermontmarsh.jpg New York's Piermont Marsh A 7,000-year Archive of Climate Change, Human Impact and Uncovered Mysteries
extremescience.jpg Extreme Science An Antarctic Expedition in Search of Lost Mountains
griffin.jpg Climate is Changing Our Forests and Plants New Evidence from Alaska and Our Own Backyard
bell.jpg A Slippery Slope? The Water World Beneath the Changing Ice Sheets
PLSpring08OCEANFLOOR.jpg The Ocean Floor What We Know and How We Know It
terryimage.jpg Is the Ocean Shrinking? The Earth's Biggest Water Cycle
PLSroger-buck-small.jpg From Satellites to Camels In East Africa Studying the Biggest Magmatic Rift Event Ever Seen
play-langseth-video.jpg A New Era in Ocean Exploration R/V Marcus Langseth
katrinamutter.jpg The Katrina Disaster A Poor World Tragedy in a Rich Country
Is the Earth's Core Leaking? Part of the Public Lecture Series
jeffox.jpg Deep Time The History of Our Planet Revealed
palidsades.jpg A Natural History of the Palisades Public Lecture, 2005
alients.jpg The Science Behind Aliens of the Deep Part of the Public Lecture Series
theairwebreathe.jpg The Air We Breathe Air Pollution and New York Subways
africanclimate.jpg African Climate Changes and Human Evolution Public Lecture, 2004
fornari.jpg Revealing the Deep Science and Engineering in Deep Ocean Exploration