Curriculum Vitae  (Feb 2013)

GEOFFREY A. ABERS                                      Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory of Columbia University

Phone: (845) 365-8539 Fax: (845) 365-8150                                                                  61 Rte 9W, Box 1000

e-mail:                                                                             Palisades NY 10964 USA


Research      Processes of lithospheric deformation; active collisions and rifts; earthquake sources;

Interests      subduction mechanics and structure; crustal structure.


Education    Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA                                          1984-1989

Ph.D., Geophysics.  "Seismicity and Active Tectonics of New Guinea"


                    Brown University, Providence, RI                                                                                1979-1983

Sc.B. degree magna cum laude in Geology-Physics/Mathematics.


Indiana University                                                                                                   Summer 1982

Geology Summer Field School in Cardwell, MT.



                    Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory of Columbia University, Palisades, NY

                    Associate Director for Division of Seismology, Geology, and Tectonophysics                 2011-

                    Lamont Research Professor                                                                                                  2010-

                    Doherty Senior Research Scientist                                                                               2008-2010

                    Adjunct Professor, Department of Earth & Environ. Sci., Columbia Univ                         2008-


Boston University, Boston, MA                                                                                                   

                    Adjunct Professor of Department of Earth Sciences                                                      2008-

                    Professor of Earth Sciences                                                                                2004-2008

                    Associate Professor, Department of Earth Sciences                                                  1999-2004

                    Associate Chairman, Department of Earth Sciences                                                   2000-2006


                    Université Joseph Fourier, Grenoble France                                                            summer 2002

                    Visiting Research Professor, LGIT


                    University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS

                    Assistant Professor, Department of Geology                                                                   1994-1999


                    Lamont-Doherty Geological Observatory of Columbia University, Palisades, NY                           

                    Adjunct Associate Research Scientist                                                                             1994-2002

                    Associate Research Scientist                                                                                          1991-1994

                    Post Doctoral Research Scientist in Seismology                                                             1989-1991


City College, City Univ. of New York, New York, NY                                                     1992

Adjunct Lecturer, Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences


Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA                                         1984-1989

Graduate Research Assistant in Geophysics.


Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, Woods Hole, MA                                      1983-1984

Research Assistant, gravity group.


Honors and Professional Service

IRIS Board of Directors (elected)                                                                                   2013-15

Co-Editor, G-Cubed Theme on exhumation of UHP metamorphic rocks                                  2012-

GeoPRISMS Distinguished Lecturer                                                                  2011-12, 2012-13

Co-organizer, CIDER workshop on mantle attenuation                                                 2013

Amphibious Array Steering Committee  (chair starting 2012                                        2011-

IRIS Planning Committee                                                                                                            2011-12

Co-convener, GeoPRISMS-Earthscope Cascadia Workshop                                         2012

CIDER (Coop. Inst. Deep Earth Res.), summer lecturer                                                           2011

Chairman, MARGINS Steering Committee and MARGINS Office Director                2006-2010

Phys. Earth Planet. Int. “Top-50 Most Cited Articles 2004-7” (Abers, 2005)             2008

NSF MARGINS Initiative Steering Committee                                                                         2003-6

Co-convener, MARGINS Workshop “Interpreting Mantle Images”, May 2006                      2005-6

Marine Geophysics Data Management System oversight committee                                        2004-7

Associate Editor, Journal of Geophysical Research – Solid Earth                        1995-98, 2003-6

Panelist, National Science Foundation                                                                                           2005

Visiting Research Scientist, LGIT, Univ. Joseph Fourier, Grenoble France              Summer 2002

Working Group Chair, Rocky Mountains USArray, 14th Annual IRIS Workshop                  2002

Regional Advisory Committee, Advanced National Seismic System – Northeast                   2001-

Fellow, Geological Society of America                                                                       elected 2000

Standing Committee, PASSCAL Program, IRIS (Inc. Res. Inst. Seismology)                    2000-02

Planning Committee, Subduction Factory MARGINS Theoretical Institute                             2000

Board of Directors/Institutional Rep. (representing B.U.), IRIS                                             1999-

Technical Program Committee, Seismological Society of America meeting                            1998

Data Management System Standing Commmittee, IRIS                                                    1993-95

Panelist, U.S. Geological Survey  NEHRP                                                                            1994- 1996

National Science Foundation Graduate Fellow                                                                1984-1987

Sigma Xi, Phi Beta Kappa, William Gaston Prize in Geological Science, Brown Univ.           1983



American Geophysical Union

Seismological Society of America

Geological Society of America (Fellow)


Invited Seminars and Invited Conferences, last 5 years                                                     


Pacific Geosciences Center, Geol. Surv. Canada, Sidney BC                                                                     2/13

                        Imaging with Geophysics: The Heat and Water Cycling in Modern Subduction Zones

Fall, 2012 American Geophysical Union meeting, San Francisco                                                            12/12

   Imaging to understand exhumation of UHP rocks during rifting:  the CDPapua seismic experiment

Massachusetts Inst. Technol., Earth Resources Laboratory                                                                    11/12

                        Imaging with Geophysics: The Heat and Water Cycling in Modern Subduction Zones

Univ. Oklahoma (GeoPRISMS Distinguished Lecturer)                                                                          10/12

                        Imaging with Geophysics: The Heat and Water Cycling in Modern Subduction Zones

GeoPRISMS SIG, IRIS Workshop, Boise                                                                                                 6/12

                        Overview of Cascadia facilities and interdisciplinary programs

OBS New Users Workshop, Boise                                                                                                            6/12

                        A foray into broadband OBS analysis from an onshore perspective

Univ. Arizona (GeoPRISMS Distinguished Lecturer)                                                                               4/12

                        Imaging with Geophysics: The Heat and Water Cycling in Modern Subduction Zones

Northwest Missouri State Univ. (GeoPRISMS Distinguished Lecturer)                                                  3/12

                       Public Lecture:  How Water Deep in the Earth Controls Earthquakes and Volcanoes

Univ. Colorado Boulder (GeoPRISMS Distinguished Lecturer)                                                                2/12

                        Imaging with Geophysics: The Heat and Water Cycling in Modern Subduction Zones

Fort Hays State, KS (GeoPRISMS Distinguished Lecturer)                                                                     2/12

                        Imaging with Geophysics: The Heat and Water Cycling in Modern Subduction Zones

                       Public Lecture:  How Water Deep in the Earth Controls Earthquakes and Volcanoes

Fall, 2011 American Geophysical Union meeting, San Francisco  (2)                                                     12/11

                        Relating seismic observables to fluid migration in subduction zones

                        Imaging to understand exhumation of UHP rocks during rifting:  the 2010-2011 CDPapua seismic experiment

Penn State       11/11

                        Wet slabs, cold noses and seismic images of subduction

Lamont-Doherty Earth Obs. Open House                                                                                               10/11

                        Led expert panel on great earthquakes

Rice Univ.       9/11

                        Wet slabs, cold noses and seismic images of slab surface

CIDER, Instructor, Berkeley CA                                                                                                               7/11

                        Seismology  (Cooperative Institute for Dynamic Earth Research)

ILP Task Force IX workshop, Nature of the Plate Interface in Subduction Zones                                   7/11

                        Imaging with geophysics the heat and water cycles of modern subduction zones

Cornell Univ.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 3/11

                        Wet slabs, cold noses and seismic images of slab surface

Fall, 2010 American Geophysical Union meeting, San Francisco                                                            12/10

                        Variability in P-T paths in subducting mantle and crust, and its control on the locations of intraslab earthquakes

ILP Task Force, The Subduction Channel, workshop, Paris                                                                   11/10

                        Imaging circum-Pacific subduction zones with earthquakes: fluid pathways and the origins of volcanic arcs

Geophysical Hazards in Central America Workshop, Heredia                                                                10/10

                        Imaging circum-Pacific subduction zones with earthquakes: fluid pathways and the origins of volcanic arcs

Princeton Univ.                                                                                                                                         10/10

                        Wet slabs, cold noses and seismic images of slab surface

Experiments in Portable Ocean Bottom Seismometers Workshop, Snowbird                                           9/10

                        Subduction Zones

Tohoku Univ., G-COE Symposium: Dynamic Earth and Heterogeneous Structure                                 7/10

                        Evidence for and consequences of a prevalent cold nose in subduction zones

ETH Zurich    5/10

                        Wet slabs, cold noses and seismic images of slab surface

University of Papua New Guinea                                                                                                              3/10

                        Rifting a continent in the Woodlark-D’Entrecasteaux rift, Papua New Guinea

Fall, 2009 American Geophysical Union meeting, San Francisco                                                            12/09

                        What is the slab surface? Evidence from seismology

University of Minnesota Twin Cities                                                                                                      10/09

                        Wet Slabs and Cold Noses: From seismogenic zone to the roots of arc volcanoes

University of Papua New Guinea                                                                                                              8/09

                        Extension and exhumation in the Woodlark-D’Entrecasteaux Rift System

GNS New Zealand, Wellington                                                                                                                  4/09

                        Seismic imaging the subduction zone water cycle: importance of plate coupling depth

Tohoku Univ. Global COE Conf. on Circum-Pacific Subduction (2 talks)                                                2/09

                        Imaging the metamorphism of subducted crust with scattered waves

                        The Subduction Factory in Central America

Earth2Class Teacher Education Program (at LDEO)                                                                                 1/09

                        Subduction and the long-term fate of H2O on Earth

College of New Jersey, Physics Department                                                                                           11/08

                        Imaging the subduction zone water cycle

University of Washington                                                                                                                          9/08

                        Imaging the subduction zone water cycle

WHOI Geodynamics Seminar    5/08

                   Imaging the subduction zone water cycle

University of California Santa Barbara    4/08

                   Imaging the subduction zone water cycle

University of Oregon    2/08

                   Imaging the subduction zone water cycle

                   Imaging and Tremor in Cascadia: The CAFE experiment


Field Experience

Western Washington: Cascadia ship-to-shore wide-angle reflection array                      2012

SE Papua New Guinea: CDPapua broadband seismic deployment                                 2011

SE Papua New Guinea: CDPapua broadband seismic deployment                                 2010

Western Washington: Cascadia Arrays For EarthScope (CAFE)                                2006-8

Southern Alaska: MOOS broadband PASSCAL deployment                                        2006-9

Costa Rica, Nicaragua: TUCAN broadband PASSCAL deployment                       2004-2006

Costa Rica, Nicaragua: seismological site survey                                                            2003

Papua New Guinea: Woodlark Rift, PASSCAL deployment                                  1999,2000

Alaska Range: BEAAR, PASSCAL deployment                                                    1999,2000

Alaska Range: seismological site survey                                                                           1998

Kansas River: exploratory paleoseismology                                                                  1997-8

Central Kansas: broad-band seismograph deployments                                         1996-1998

Greater Caucasus, Russia: seismic network                                                                    1993

Shumagin Islands, Alaska: Strong motion array                                                             1993

Alaska Peninsula Region: Seismic network and broad-band station maintenance          1991

Greater Caucasus, USSR:  PASSCAL aftershock survey                                               1991

Southern California:  STRC GPS experiment                                                                1991

Alaska Peninsula Region: seismic network maintenance                                                1990

Papua New Guinea: microseismic and gravity survey                                                    1988

Central Arizona: PACE crustal refraction experiment                                                     1987

Southeast Pacific: Marine geophysical survey, R/V Conrad                                           1985

Panamint Valley, California: Regional geophysical survey                                           1985

Southwest Montana: Field Geology Course                                                                    1982


Graduate Students Supervised

                    Lamont:  E. Triep, X. Hu, J. Garroway, J. Li, Z. Eilon, H. Janiszewski

                    Kansas:  G. Sarker, Z. Yu, B. Schlotterbeck, A. Ferris

                    Boston:   A. Ferris, J. Stachnik, G. Rossi, L. Auger, E. Syracuse, Z. Zhang

Ferris, A., Moho topography beneath active metamorphic core complexes:  D’Entrecasteaux Islands, Papua New Guinea, MA Thesis, 79 pp., 2002

Stachnik, J.C.,  Seismic Attenuation in Central Alaska, MA Thesis, 122 pp., 2002

Rossi, G., Measuring the Mantle Wedge Poisson’s Ratio and Slab Depth: Central Alaska, 121 pp., 2004

Ferris, A., Seismic Imaging of Active Continental Breakup in the Woodlark Rift System of Papua New Guinea, PhD Thesis,  2007

MacKenzie, L., A Receiver Function Study of the Central America and Cascadia Subduction Zone Systems, PhD Thesis, 2008

Syracuse, E.M., The Global Systematics of Subduction Zones, PhD Thesis, 2008


Post-Doc’s Sponsored

                    Lamont:  J. Calkins, YH. Kim, M. Obrebski


PhD Advisors:  

                   R. McCaffrey and P. Molnar


Post-Doctoral Advisor: 

                   K. Jacob


Courses Taught


Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory 

                    EESC G9945, Topics in Global and Regional Seismology  (seminar each semester) 

                    EESC G4949, Introduction to Seismology

                    EESC G4947, Plate Tectonics (graduate- and upper-level undergraduate)


Boston University  (not including ES699)

                    ES 101, The Dynamic Earth  (fulfills distribution requirements )

                    ES 140, Earthquakes, Volcanoes and Natural Disasters  (fulfills distribution requirements )

                    ES 303, Field Methods  (required for majors; co-taught with 7 others )

                    ES 360, Geodynamics I  (required for majors )

                    ES505, Plate Tectonics and Kinematics

                    ES581, Solid Earth Geophysics

                    ES 781, Seismology (grad-level courses)

                    ES 833, Advanced Topics in Geophysics and Seismology :  Quantitative Data Analysis


University of Kansas

                    GEOL 101, Introduction to Geology  (fulfills distribution requirements )

                    GEOL 571:  Earthquakes and Natural Disasters ( no Geology prerequisites)

                    GEOL 573:  Physics of the Earth  ( for Geophysics majors and senior elective)

                    GEOL 573:  Geodynamics and Plate Tectonics (Geology major requirement )

                    GEOL 773:  Seismology  (Graduate/ advanced undergraduate course)

                    GEOL 771:  Seminar in Advanced Geophysics, various topics


City College of New York:  Geophysics.