Longevity & Climatic Sensitivity of Yellow Buckeye and Carolina Silverbell

Project Title

On the Feasibility of Aesculus flava and Halesia caroliniana for Tree-Ring Analysis: Exploration of Longevity and Climatic Sensitivity


This study will investigate the maximum age and climatic sensitivity of yellow-buckeye (Aesculus flava) and Carolina silverbell (Halesia caroliniana). It is apparent from the literature and recent studies that knowledge of the life-history traits of many species in the eastern U.S. is greatly lacking. Information regarding the climatic sensitivity, longevity and tolerance of overstory competition of yellow-buckeye and Carolina silverbell, two important species of the mixed-mesophytic forest, could greatly aid natural resource managers anticipate how this indicator species will respond to potential future climate change and how it may survive in a close-canopied forests.

Keywords: Forest Ecology, Natural History, Climate Change, Resource Management

Questions to be Addressed:

  • How long can these species live?

  • What is the climatic influence on their radial growth?

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Update: The 2006 sampling season has come to a conclusion. All fieldwork but the sampling of Carolina silverbell at mid elevation is complete. Most Carolina silverbells proved to be hollow, thus this part of the research has been de-emphasized.

Locations Sampled: