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I am interested in the use of remote sensing, ocean optics, phytoplankton physiology, biological and physical oceanography and geographical information systems to better understand how the marine ecosystem works and can be managed. To this end, I have worked closely with biological and chemical oceanographers and ecosystem modelers, placing in-situ shipboard measurements on a broader basin-scale or global context and complementing model results with remote sensing [Capone et al. 1997, Carpenter et al. 1999, Hood et al. 2001].  I have collaborated with molecular ecologists to apply remote sensing to study population structure of cetaceans [Mendez et al 2010; Mendez et al 2011]. I was a part of a five-year study of the Amazon River plume and its effect on the Tropical North Atlantic Ocean [Subramaniam et al. 2008]. My specific interest has been to develop thought models that can explain why a particular phytoplankton species blooms where it does, what are the factors that cause the bloom, that lead to its demise and the consequences of these blooms.  I have worked on developing algorithms for the remote sensing of Trichodesmium using SeaWiFS data [Subramaniam et al 2002; Westberry et al 2005]. For more details of my work on Trichodesmium please go to the "definitive" Trichodesmium home page .   I am also interested in using bio-optics and remote sensing as tools for monitoring coastal water quality and worked with the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority to use daily synoptic time series of water quality at a sewage outfall site in Massachusetts Bay. I have worked on developing and validating Ocean Color algorithms for the U.S. East coast, focusing on Massachusetts Bay and the South Atlantic Bight, in order to study the dynamics of terrestrially derived colored dissoloved organic matter [Del Vecchio et al. 2009].   I am currently interested in studying the impact of tropical rivers on the marine ecosystem, specifically looking at their role in introducing new nitrogen into the oceans.  For my personal home page, click here .


Greg, Ajit, and Piotr milking the CTD in 1996; Ajit, KMC, and Joe holding down the CTD 2010

Contact Information

Ajit Subramaniam

Lamont Associate Research Professor

Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory at Columbia University

3 Marine Biology/LDEO

61 Rt 9 W

Palisades, NY 10964

Tel: +1.845.365.8641

Fax: +1.845.365.8150

Abbreviated Curriculum Vitae


Ph.D. in Coastal Oceanography. 1995. SUNY at Stony Brook. 
"Optical Properties of the Marine Cyanobacteria Trichodesmium: Applications to Remote Sensing" 

M.S. in Marine Environmental Science. 1989. SUNY at Stony Brook. 
"Linking Maps to Spreadsheet-based Coastal Zone Information Systems" 

B.Sc. (Special) in Physics. 1984. The American College, Madurai, India. 


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