Rainbow Current Meter Animations (FLAME/FLAME-2)

This page contains a number of current meter animations from the FLAME/FLAME-2 cruises to the Rainbow hydrothermal vent site on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. All arrows are colour coded with the nominal depth of the moorings as red (1800m), blue (2100m), green (2300m). The size of the arrows is proportional to the velocity; no scale is given but the mean current velocity of the blue (2300m) currents across Rainbow Sill during the first day is approximately 10cm/s. Animations containing only one level of current meters (red, green, or blue) have the size of the arrows doubled.

Hourly Averages

First Day (June 17th, 1997)(low resolution)
First month (June 17th - July 15th, 1997)(low resolution)

Daily Averages

All Levels(low resolution)
1800m(low resolution)
2100m(low resolution)
2300m(low resolution)

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