Antarctic Sea Ice

Ross Sea Iceberg C-19 on the move| Ross Sea Iceberg Images(RPSC)

LDEO Seasonal Forecasts of Antarctic Seaice variation (Chen, Yuan, & Li)

Larsen Ice Shelf Breakup March 2002

Ice News from the National Ice Center


Antarctic Sea IceThese animations of Antarctic sea ice cover are compiled from daily SSM/I seaice images downloaded from See for a complete description of the daily analysis of the satellite data and for proper attribution of these images.

  • Austral winter 1997
  • January 1998
  • Austral Winter 1998
  • Austral Spring-Summer 1998-99
  • Austral Autumn 1999
  • Austral Summer-Fall 2000
  • Individual SSMI daily images since 1 August 1997 can be viewed or retrieved here

    Near real time daily sea ice images are also available from the National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC)

    Ice Edge Data

    Representation of the Antarctic ice edge plotted using data from the National Ice Center edge text file ftp area. The small red dots on the maps represent two current meter moorings being maintained by the NOAA-funded ARCHES program.

    Weddell Polynya

    Will the Weddell Polynya of the 70's be repeated this year? Check here for updated images and information (also check the winter '98 animation above):

  • OMB Weddell Polynya Watch
  • National Ice Center - Special Support/Polynya Page
  • Mark Drinkwater's Weddell Polynya animation [Warning - this is a big file...]


  • Ross Sea Ice Cover Decay(R. Grumbine/OMB)
  • A. Watkin's Sea Ice page

    Images of Iceberg A-38 from the Ronne Ice Shelf:

  • National Ice Center
  • Antarctic Meteorology Center (U Wisconsin)

    Plot of Ice Cover in the region 60-65S, 40-45W, 1987-1994

    Selected IR images of the western Weddell (July 1997), courtesy of Antarctic Support Associates (now Raytheon Polar Services Corp.)