Lamont Research Professor,
Director of the Stable Isotope Laboratory, 
GeoScience 104E and New Core Lab 212

CLIMATE RECONSTRUCTION: My current research is focused on two primary objectives: (1) developing the use of massive coral skeletons for paleoclimatic reconstruction, particularly in the Southwest Pacific and Indonesia, and (2) developing sediment records of Western Pacific Warm Pool climate and Indonesian Oceanographic Throughflow variability. Modern coral skeletons can provide near-monthly resolved and continuous records of changing oceanographic conditions over the last 500+ years. The integration of gravity and multi-coring in high accumulation rate setting like Indonesia is allowing decadal-scale resolution paleoceanographic reconstructions of surface and intermediate waters right up to the present.

(Top row ) coral drilling in Ta’u, American Samoa and (bottom) coral cores on deck, Kandavu, Fiji,

Overview: Video link (Columbia University, Office of Communications)