SeaNet E-mail Workshop
draft for discussion


These documents will move to the SeaNet web site in October. In the meantime (while they are changing often) the most recent version will be here.

A draft for discussion has been assembled mostly by myself (Dale Chayes) with feedback from discussions with many of you over the years and more recently with others in the SeaNet collaboratory. This draft will be a topic of discussion at the SeaNet email workshop (September 28-30, 1997).

Comments are strongly encouraged and those recieved prior to the workshop will be incorporated.

Comments on the current draft:

The current draft is avilable in multiple forms (others can be added on request):

The following figure is provided to set an overall context:

Ewing e-mail transport block diagram

Th following diagram shows the primary and backup data transfer paths currently in use on the Ewing. The details have changed over time (different computers for instance) and the software has evolved episodically but approximately the same system has been in place since 1985.

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