EESC 4300:Earth's Deep Interior (2012)

Meeting place and time: Tuesday, Thursday, 8:40-9:55, Schermerhorn 555

Lecture Topics:

Week 1. Earth as a planet.

Week 2. The shape of the Earth and gravity.

Week 3. Earth deformation and tides.

Week 4. Post-glacial rebound, Earth rotation

Week 5. Geomagnetism.

Week 6. Thermal structure and evolution.

Week 7. Conduction and convection.

Week 8. Seismological constraints on Earth structure.

Week 9. The mantle (I)

Week 10. The mantle (II)

Week 11. The mantle (III)

Week 12. Mantle flow and dissipation

Week 13. The Earth's core and seismic tomography

Week 14. Presentations and conclusion