My present research involves the footprints of the Late Triassic-Early Jurassic Newark Supergroup. These strata were deposited in rift basins which formed when Pangea began to break up - the rifts are preserved along the central Atlantic margin (CAM) in eastern North America as well as North Africa and south-west Europe. Lacustrine environments predominate; lake level fluctuated with climate (~ humidity/aridity), which varied cyclically due to orbital forcing mechanisms.These Milankovitch-type cycles, combined with the magnetic reversal stratigraphy, and aided by paleontological markers ("spore spike" at the Triassic-Jurassic boundary) and lithostratigraphic markers (flood basalts, erupted over ~ 600ky), enable high-resolution (<20 ky) stratigraphic correlation.

1. Taxonomy of footprints attributed to theropod dinosaurs: Grallator, Anchisauripus, Eubrontes, Otouphepus, Gigandipus, et alia.

2. Biostratigraphy and biogeography, primarily using footprints.