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Education and Professional Appointments

Since 1/2015, Associate Research Scientist, LDEO, Columbia University

9/2013-2014, Postdoctoral Research Scientist, LDEO, Columbia University
9/2011-2013, National Science Foundation EAR Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Proposal title: "Diffusion of water in clinopyroxene"
Sponsoring scientists: Terry Plank and Dave Walker

12/2009, Ph.D. (link to intro poem), Geological Sciences, University of Michigan
Thesis: "Corrosion of uranium dioxide and thermodynamic properties of solid solutions in the zircon group"
Advisors: Rod Ewing (now at Stanford) and Udo Becker

5/2004: 2 B.S., Chemistry and Geology, summa cum laude, University of Louisiana at Lafayette

Peer-reviewed Journal Articles

Ferriss, E., Plank, T., Walker, D., (2016) Site-specific hydrogen diffusion rates in clinopyroxene during dehydration, Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology, 171, 1-24

Lloyd, A.S., Plank, T., Ruprecht, P., Ferriss, E., Hauri, E. (in revision) An assessment of clinopyroxene as a recorder of magmatic water and ascent Journal of Petrology

Ferriss, E., Plank, T., Walker, D., Nettles, M. (2015) The whole-block approach to measuring hydrogen diffusivity in nominally anhydrous minerals, American Mineralogist, 100, 837-851.

Husler, J. W., Ferriss, E., Helean, K. B., Bryan, C. R., Brady, P. V. 2011, Ferrozine micro-method for the determination of iron in solids, Geostandards and Geoanalytical Research, 35 (1).

Ferriss, E., Becker, U., Ewing, R. C. 2010, Simulation of thermodynamic mixing properties of actinide-containing zircon solid-solutions, American Mineralogist, 95.

Ferriss, E., Helean, K. B., Bryan, C. R., Brady, P. V., Ewing, R. C. 2009, UO2 Corrosion in an iron waste package, Journal of Nuclear Materials, 384 (2). (This work was highlighted by NSF here.)

Ferriss, E., Essene, E., Becker, U. 2008, Computational study of the effect of pressure on the Ti-in-zircon geothermometer, European Journal of Mineralogy, 20 (5).


1/2013-5/2013, Instructor for Diffusion Seminar, LDEO, Columbia University, Palisades, NY
Co-organized (with Terry Plank) a graduate-level reading seminar on diffusion in the geosciences. Personally led three discussion sessions.

1/2011-4/2011, Mirzayan science policy fellow, The National Academies, Washington DC
Division of Earth and Life Studies, Nuclear and Radiation Studies Board
Interviewed potential committee members for consensus report, wrote background chapter draft on proliferation risk, and attended numerous science policy-related events.

9/2010-12/2010, Adjunct professor, Pace University, Pleasantville, NY
Lectured, organized labs, and provided regular feedback to 24 students in Science 101, The Planet Earth.

8/2010-12/2010, Intern, Under The Microscope, New York, NY
Researched, wrote, and sometimes edited blog posts, interviews, resources, and user-generated content for a website for women in science.

5/2010-12/2010, Senior Editor, American Journal Experts, Tarrytown, NY
10/2009-5/2010, Editor, American Journal Experts, White Plains, NY
Edited 100+ technical manuscripts for authors wishing to publish in English language journals. As a senior editor, I also focused on the overall flow of the document and provided more detailed feedback.

Winter, 2008, Student Instructor, Introduction to Programming, Ann Arbor, MI
Laboratory class introducing beginning graduate students to UNIX, vi text editing, c-shell scripting, FORTRAN90, C, and C++. Responsible for grading, office hours, occasional lecturing, and assisting 8 students during lab. Supervisor: Peter van Keken

Summer, 2007, Intern, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Richland, WA
Synthesized and evaluated the stability of uranophane colloids. Responsible for testing synthesis techniques and helped to fix the machine measuring electrophoretic mobility. Supervisor: Edgar Buck

Summer, 2005, Intern, Sandia National Laboratories, Albuquerque, NM
Compared absorption of Re and Tc onto a variety of mineral and synthetic surfaces using ICP-MS and liquid scintillation counting. Also considered the usefulness of archaeological iron as an analogue for corroding steel. Supervisor: Kate Helean

Summer, 2004, Intern, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Oak Ridge, TN
Tested a new water filtration system for rapid, continuous sampling to monitor drinking water for the presence of dangerous microbes. Supervisor: Tommy Joe Phelps

5/2003-5/2004, ULL Regional Application Center, Lafayette, LA
Organized and developed a searchable database for aerial photography. Also responsible for aerial photography machine maintenance.

5/2001-5/2003, National Wetlands Research Center, Lafayette, LA
Worked with maps and aerial photography for project WETMAAP.

Honors and Awards

2010 National Science Foundation Earth Sciences Postdoctoral Fellowship

University of Michigan

2009 Dorr award for outstanding research
2007 Best Student Talk, Materials Research Society meeting on the Scientific Basis for Nuclear Waste Management XXXI
2006 National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship
2005 U.S. Department of Energy Office of Civilian Radioactive Waste Management Fellowship
2005 Radiochemistry Society Fellowship
2005 U.S. Department of Homeland Security Fellowship

University of Louisiana

2004 UL Lafayette Phi Beta Kappa Outstanding Scholar
2004 UL Lafayette College of Sciences Outstanding Scholar
2003 Department of Homeland Security Scholarship
2000 National Merit Scholarship

Proceedings Papers and Abstracts

Plank, T., Ferriss, E., Lloyd, A.S., and Hauri, E. 2014, The fidelity of xenoliths in recording mantle water concentrations, Abstract #4466 submitted to 2014 Fall Meeting, AGU, San Fransisco, Dec.

Ferriss, E., Plank, T., and Walker, D. 2013, The whole-block method and water diffusion in olivine, Abstract MR41A-2352 presented 2013 Fall Meeting, AGU, San Fransisco, Dec. (poster)

Ferriss, E., Plank, T., and Walker, D. 2012, Diffusion of water in clinopyroxene, Abstract V51A-2751 presented 2012 Fall Meeting, AGU, San Fransisco, Dec. (poster)

Ferriss, E. D. A., Helean, K. B., Bryan, C. R., Brady, P. V., and Ewing, R. C. 2008, UO2 corrosion in an iron waste package, MRS Proceedings, 1124.

Anderson, B. E., Helean, K. B., Bryan, C. R., Brady, P. V., and Ewing, R. C. 2007, Waste Package Corrosion Studies Using Small Mockup Experiments, MRS Proceedings, 1107.

Anderson, B. E., Becker, U., Helean, K. B., Ewing , R.C. 2006, Perrhenate and on Iron and Sulfur-Bearing Compounds, MRS Proceedings, 985.

Lock, B. E., Fife, A. W., and Anderson, B. E., 2004, Bacteria-Petroleum Reactions: Salt Dome Cap-Rock Genesis Compared with Similar Processes from Permian Outcrops in West Texas, Gulf Coast Association of Geological Societies Transactions, vol. 54. (Winner: Best Published Paper in volume)

Other Presentations and Workshops

08/2015 Poster at Goldschmidt Conference (Prague)
03/2015 Invited presentation at University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill, NC)
11/2014 Oral presentation on H diffusion for Geochemistry Seminar Series (Palisades, NY)
02/2014 Invited presentation at American Museum of Natural History (New York, NY)
02/2014 Invited presentation at Drexel University (Philadelphia, PA)
05/2013 Uranium: Cradle to Grave workshop on U chemistry (Winnipeg, Canada)
01/2013 Virginia Tech Future Faculty Development Program (Blacksburg, VA)
10/2012 Workshop on diffusion in geologic materials (Bochum, Germany)
04/2012 Oral presentation on H diffusion for LDEO postdoc symposium (Palisades, NY)
03/2012 Oral presentation on nuclear waste for Geochemistry Seminar Series (Palisades, NY)
02/2012 Oral presentation on zircon for American Museum of Natural History (NY, NY)
02/2012 Oral presentation on zircon for Geodynamics Seminar Series (Palisades, NY)
05/2009 Oral presentation at workshop on spent fuel (Toronto, Canada)
12/2008 Oral presentation at Materials Research Society meeting (Boston, MA)
09/2007 Oral presentation at Materials Research Society meeting (Sheffield, England)
08/2007 Poster at Goldschmidt geochemistry conference (Cologne, Germany)
02/2007 Invited talk at Sandia National Laboratories (Albuquerque, NM)
11/2006 Oral presentation at Materials Research Society meeting (Boston, MA)
04/2006 Oral presentation at workshop on surface reactivity (Italy)
05/2005 Goldschmidt geochemistry conference (Moscow, Idaho)
06/2005 Actinide school at Institute for Transuranium Elements (Karlsruhe, Germany)

Professional Memberships

Mineralogical Society of America
Geological Society of America
Phi Kappa Phi Honors Society

Extracurricular Activities

3/2014 Judge at Westchester Science and Engineering Fair for high school students
10/2009-present: Soccer! (10/2009-11 New Player Rep., developed first summer league 2010)
04/2010-12 Toastmasters International (06/2010-11 V.P., 06/2011 Competent Communicator)

University of Michigan

2006-08 Performed monthly survey of research group radioactive mineral collection
2005-06 Informal lab manager for group space in UM Phoenix Memorial Laboratory
2005-09 UM Geoclub
2008 UM Graduate Student Forum
2004-05 UM Rackham Student Government Representative

University of Louisiana

2000-04 UL Lafayette Honors Board (2002-03 Chair)
2000-04 UL Lafayette Geologic Society
2001-04 UL Lafayette Student Affiliate of the American Chemical Society