Frankie Pavia
Ph.D. student at Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, Columbia University
Current Projects
GEOTRACES - I am studying the seawater chemistry of Thorium (Th) and Protactinium (Pa) from a variety of sites in the ocean. 230Th and 231Pa, are not biologically useful, but due to radioactive disequilibrium with respect to production by their parent Uranium isotopes, can provide extremely valuable information about input and removal rates of biologically relevant trace metals like Iron, Zinc, Manganese, etc. Specifically, I am studying the impact of hydrothermal activity on trace element scavenging, and new methods for quantifying dust input to the modern ocean

Modeling - I am developing new dynamical (forward and inverse) and statistical methods to interpret and synthesize the incredible wealth of data being gathered about many different elements and isotopes through GEOTRACES

Paleoclimate - I am pursuing research on a variety of paleoclimate topics, including the mechanisms of bottom water formation and structure of the Southern Ocean during the Last Glacial Maximum, Quantifying dust inputs and biological productivity through the global ocean from Neogene to present, and developing new noble gas proxies for paleo-physical oceanography