Ge Jin 金戈
Graduate Student of Seismology (2009 – present)
Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, Columbia University
Ph: 845-365-8335
2009 - present PhD graduate student at Columbia University
2006 - 2009 Master in Geophysics, Peking University
2002 - 2006 B.S. in Geophysics, Dual B.S. in computer science, Peking University

My Research
My research interest focuses on using seismic imaging to understand the dynamic process of earth evolution. My current projects involve developing automated surface wave phase velocity measuring system and use this system to constrain the crustal and upper mantle structure of US continent and D’Entrecastaux Islands, Papua New Guinea.
My Projects
  • Automatic GSDF Method: Development of a new method to automatically measure surface wave phase velocity.
  • USarray Surface wave tomography: Automatic measurement provides up to date surface wave phase velocity measurement
  • CDPapua surface wave imaging: Using Ambient Noise and earthquake signal to inverse Rayleigh wave phase velocity. By combining measurement of crustal thickness from Receiver function and VDSS methods, we try to inverse the 3D shear velocity structure within this region.