Brent Goehring



I am currently a NOAA Climate and Global Change postdoctoral fellow. My postdoctoral advisor is Dr. Richard Alley at Pennsylvania State University. I am also a postdoctoral researcher at Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, part of Columbia University, where I am part of the Cosmogenic Nuclide Lab in the Geochemistry Division. My research focuses on the development and application of new techniques in surface exposure dating. I am also interested in past and future climate change, tectonic geomorphology/paleoseismology, and other Quaternary geochronology methods. A major aspect of my research involves the development and management of the in situ 14C lab, only the second in the country and third in the world.

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Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory

Columbia University

61 Route 9w/PO Box 1000

Palisades, NY 10964 USA

Ph: (845) 365-8572

Fax: (845) 365-8155

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