Smerdon PaleoDynamics Lab

Proxy Synthesis, Modeling, and Climate Dynamics - From Past to Future

Recent Publications

Coats, S., J.E. Smerdon, B.I. Cook, R. Seager, E.R. Cook, and K.J. Anchukaitis (2016), Internal ocean-atmosphere variability drives megadroughts in Western North America, Geophysical Research Letters, 43, 9886-9894.

Ault, T.R., J.S. Mankin, B.I. Cook and J.E. Smerdon (2016), Relative impacts of mitigation, temperature, and precipitation on 21st-Century megadrought risk in the American Southwest, Science Advances, 2, e1600873, doi:10.1126/sciadv.1600873.

Coats, S., J.E. Smerdon, K.B. Karnauskas, and R. Seager (2016), The improbable but unexceptional occurrence of megadrought clustering in the American West during the Medieval Climate Anomaly, Environmental Research Letters, 11(7), doi:

Smerdon, J.E., and H.N. Pollack (2016), Reconstructing Earth's surface temperature over the past 2000 years: the science behind the headlines, WIREs Climate Change, doi: 10.1002/wcc.418.


The PaleoDynamics Lab at the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory is led by Prof. Jason E. Smerdon, with strong connections to colleagues in the Division of Ocean and Climate Physics, the Lamont Tree-Ring Laboratory and the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies.  The broad objective of our group is to characterize and understand climate variability and change on multi-decadal to centennial timescales.