Busecke, Julius, A Gordon, Zhijin Li, F Bingham, and Jordi Font. 2014. 'Subtropical surface layer salinity budget and the role of mesoscale turbulence', Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans, 119: 4124-40


AGU Fall Meeting - December 2012, San Francisco
Bottom Water Export from the western Ross Sea (Poster Presentation)

NASA-SPURS Webinar Series - September 17, 2013

Ocean Thinking: Inside and Outside of the Box - Changes in Latitude

ASLO/AGU Ocean Sciene Meeting - February 2014, Honolulu
Evidence for the origin of the subsurface salinity maximum in the subtropical North Atlantic
(Oral presentation - Awarded with the Outstanding Student Presentation Award)

EGU Assembly - April 2014, Vienna
The North Atlantic surface layer and the shallow overturning circulation (Poster Presentation)