So, we arrived to Pointe a Pitre,

and had beautiful Island views.


From the fantail: 

View 1


From the Piledeck:

            Lea and Allegra

            Allegra and Sergej

            Coming in

            Marina 1

            Marina 2

            Nicolaus and Julia

            Julia and Sergej

            Marina 3

            Lea (Dirk)

            Banana Boat

            Basti (Sandra and Doro)


Then Peter, my boyfriend picked me up.

            Peter driving


The scientific and working crew all came together at ZooRock Café.

            Basti and Lea 1

            Basti and Lea 2

            Basti and Lea 3

            Basti and Lea 4


Guadeloupe was particularly special for me –

my boyfriend, or shall I say, fiancé proposed to me.

            Peter and honey

            Bungalow garden view


We watched sunrise together on a jetty in Sainte-Anne, Guadeloupe

he proposed to me at dawn.


The spot 1

            The spot 2

            East view

North-west view (Club Med)

            North-east view

            North view


            The goat (as witness...)


So, here are four views of us and the spot:






So then we went back to our little bungalow:

            Peter’s toast

            Bungalow garden and pool

            Bungalow view

            Us in the view


And then, I flew home:

            Guadeloupe from the sky 1


            Guadeloupe from the sky 2

            Antigua from the sky



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