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Early influences include The Ventures, Doors, Simon and Garfunkel, Taj Mahal, and of course Beatles.  Later I became a dedicated fan of the San Francisco ballroom scene; Grateful Dead, Airplane, Quicksilver Messenger Service, etc.  Other San Fransisco treats: Joni Mitchell, Neil Young, CSNY, Jesse Colin Young.  In my heavy phase nothing go me going more than 
earliest Blue Cheer and MC5...kick out the jams!  Other phases included earliest Black Sabbath, early Alice Cooper, Grand Funk RR.  Of course the British scene let its mark: Cream, Who, Stones, Traffic, Zepplin, later into Strawbs, Genesis, early Fleetwood (Bare Trees; pre-landslide etc.); the Celtic-rock of Incredible String Band, Fairport Convention, Dando Shaft (rare!).  I also vibed out to the music of Steve Hillage and his cosmic celts.  Talking Heads left its mark as did The Police.  Also a big fan of fusion: Weather Report, Chick Corea, Keith Jarrett.

My latest obsession is Gov't Mule, pretty much the top touring/jam band around these days.

In college I had a regular radio show, which was a great experience.  I got to play all my favorite stuff.  I used to get a lot of call-ins asking me about the eclectic sets and kudos for engineering good shows.  It was fabulous.

Since about 2000, I really got back into playing guitar, bass, mandolin.  I've been writing a lot of original material, ranging from folk to party rock.  Been jamming with a variety of musicians, and until recently had a regular thing with Midnight Jester.  Of course, all bands go through their Behind the Music phase and now we are more or less defunct.  Was a good thing while it lasted, and as they say....
         all I've got now is this cheesy logo!  

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We played a set at the Knitting Factory in NYC, as well as several times at a small coffee house The Starving Artists Cafe on City Island in the Bronx. Our sets spanned from acoustic-folk to hard rock which made it interesting.  I've collected a quiver of guitars, amps, gear, etc. and continue to work pretty regularly.  Now seeking new directions, and perhaps new gigs.

My music will post more as I get a chance.
I'm Bad     pmletourneau 2006, all rights reserved.  performed by Midnight Jester at The Vault, spring 2007, although I could be mistaken and it might be another time and place altogether.