Institutional Review Board

If you are going to work with human subjects (including parts of humans) talk to your advisor & mentor to discuss the  IRB approval process! Some information sources are listed below for the next steps:

Columbia University

The CU IRB Web site link is  It contains many useful links, such as our Frequently Asked Questions, Education & Training,Submitting a Protocol,  and Maintaining IRB Approval

Students and their faculty advisors should review the Columbia University IRB  Students as Researchers Policy (PDF).  The IRB has also developed guidance that provides practical information to facilitate the submission of student research proposals.

For an explanation of when IRB review is required, and for definitions of research and human subject, see the CU IRB Web site FAQ's at

 This is the Columbia College link  for information for Columbia College students  conducting  Human Subjects Research -,  Additional links are provided here for Requesting IRB Approval and  IRB Information Sessions conducted by Hazel May, Senior Associate Dean of Academic Affairs.

CU students (CC, GS, SEAS) should contact Hazel May

Barnard College

Barnard has similar but not identical procedures. Please consult their website for details. 

Students should contact the BC IRB chair.