E4300: CM1 --
        Numerical Methods


Tu-Th 11:00-12:15 Location: 327 Mudd
Instructor: Marc Spiegelman   (home page)
Office Hours: Tues/Thurs 1:45-2:45pm
 211 Mudd (APAM)
TAs: Mike Jenkinson
Office Hours: Mon/Wed 11:00-12:00
292 Mudd

Principal Texts:
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Grading: Homework 60%, Projects 40%

All Homeworks due by 5pm on the due date in the E4301 Homework box in 200 Mudd (APAM).
Homeworks can also be turned in during class.
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This course expects  fluency in the basic applied math required for Numerical Methods 4300 (i.e. linear algebra, calculus, ODE's and some programming experience) plus a course in PDE's to the level of E3102. 

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Dates Subject Supplemental Material
6 Sep
  • Introduction to Numerical PDE's: Logistics, Objectives,
    • The Big Picture = Intelligent Choices
8-13 Sep
  • Introduction to Modeling:  Conservation of Anything
  • Some Example Model systems
15-22 Sep
  • Review of Basic Numerical Methods for ODE Initial Value problems
    • Basic stepping algorithms and Error analysis
    • Stiff Systems, Matlab ODE routines
27 Sep -

  • Hyperbolic Equations in 1-D: Wave Equations
    • Analytic solutions, wave behavior and method of characteristics
    • Basic Eulerian methods, FD, FV -- error and stability analysis
    • Advanced Algorithms: Semi-Lagrangian methods, Pseudo-Spectral, TV and flux limiters
11-18 Oct
  • Parabolic Equations in 1-D: Diffusion Equations
    • Analytic behavior, Basic FD,FV algorithms -- error stability analysis
    • Explicit vs Implicit solvers, Crank-Nicolson schemes
    • Introduction to Finite Elements and Spectral methods, Method of lines
20-27 Oct
  • Introduction to Multi-Physics problems -- advection, diffusion, reaction in 1-D
    • Basic algorithms and issues
    • Advanced combined algorithms, SLCN, Non-linear problems
  • Old MMM Notes for multi-physics problems
  • Leveque Ch 11
  • Spiegelman & Katz, paper on SLCN
  • Knoll & Chacon paper on multi-physics and splitting problems
  • 1-d SLCN  Demos
  • A non-linear Diffusion/Radiation problem
  • Problem Set #5 (due Nov 15)
    • Choose 1 problem (pdf)
1 Nov
Election Day (no Class)...go vote!

3-15 Nov
  • Higher Spatial Dimensions
    • Elliptic Boundary Value problems: FD, FV, FEM methods -
    • Parabolic Eqations in 2 and 3-D, explit vs implict methods
    • Semi-Lagrangian Methods FD vs FEM
18 Nov -
  • Numerical Linear Algebra for large Sparse Linear/Non-Linear systems
    • Direct methods - Sparse Direct
    • Basic Iterative methods -  analysis, convergence
    • Preconditioned Krylov methods - CG, GMRES
    • MultiGrid Methods
    • Advanced Software - PETSc
  • Leveque Ch 4
  • Trefethen and Bau
  • Jonathan Shewchucks CG notes
  • Briggs: A multi-grid tutorial
  • Old MMM Notes for Multi-grid
  • Lecture PDF
  • Petsc Poisson3D Examples Directory
  • Problem Set #6 (Extra Credit)
    • Problem 1 required  (pdf)
    • Blankenbach et al Benchmark paper (pdf)
6-8 Dec
  • Putting it all together: Multi-physics problems & Non-linear problems
    • Advanced software for multi-physics problems
  • A convection movie (Hybrid FEniCS/PETSc code with Fieldsplit Block Preconditioners)
16 Dec
Projects Due

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