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As an aid to customizing this course to you, its victims, I've put together a short form to collect information on interests and backgrounds of potential imbibers of M&M's. Please take a short time to fill out the form. Skip items that are not relevant. All information will be kept confidential and not sold to telemarketers.

First Name Last Name
Affiliation: Undergrad Grad Student Post Doc Other
Taking for: Credit Audit Sheer curiosity
Math Background: (check all applicable)
Calculus Vector Calculus Linear Algebra
Ordinary Diff. Eqs. Partial Diff. Eqs. Fourier series/transforms
Other Math
Computer Background: (check all applicable)
Unix/Linux/MacOS X
MacOS 9
Matlab fortran 77 fortran 90
c/c++ HTML Java
Other OS
Other Langs
Possible Project Idea/Random comments
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