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In March 2010 I moved to the Cryospheric Science Laboratory at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center. I am currently leading NASA's Operation IceBridge mission.

My new contacts and profile are here.

If you are looking for landscape and expedition photos from my polar travels check this out.

Studying Subglacial Lakes, Ice Sheet Dynamics and Tectonics in Antarctica with Aerogeophysics

The polar regions play a critical role in Earth's climatic and geodynamic systems. Although located far from the main centers of human civilization, the polar atmosphere and oceans have strong global connections and therefore directly affect climate, landscape evolution, the global biosphere and human society. Over geologic time scales, Antarctic geodynamic processes are a major influence on ice sheet dynamics and global environmental change, which affects current and long-term, large-scale sea-level change.

My research at the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory of Columbia University links solid Earth geophysics and glaciology, providing unique research opportunities. I use integrated sets of aerogeophysical data, including gravity, magnetics, ice-penetrating radar, and laser altimeter measurements, to study physical processes linking tectonics, ice sheet dynamics and life in extreme environments, such as subglacial lakes.

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