Sedimentary Geology students at High Falls, New York, September, 2007

Frontiers of Science (SCNC C1000x/C1100x)

Frontiers of Science integrates modern science into the Core Curriculum. The course includes weekly lectures and seminar sections of up to 22 students. The purpose of the seminars is to discuss the lecture and its associated readings and homework assignments, conduct in-class activities, and debate the implications of the most recent scientific discoveries. Students are also encouraged to participate in related extracurricular events (seminars, research symposia, a trip to the American Museum of Natural History, Open House at Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, and so forth). I am among those sharing the role of chair for the course (since Fall, 2010).

Sedimentary Geology (EESC W4223x)

An overview of sedimentology and stratigraphy, for majors and concentrators in Earth and environmental sciences, and for graduate students from other disciplines. Undergraduates in such related fields as Earth and environmental engineering, environmental biology and environmental chemistry are also welcome. Lectures/class discussions, labs. and field exercises are integrated, with emphasis on processes, the characteristics of sediments and sedimentary rocks, interpretation of the continental geological record, and practical applications. An alternate year course, offered next in Fall, 2013.

Geological Excursion to Death Valley, California (EESC V1010y)

A spring break field trip for first-year and sophomore students. The trip focuses on the geology of Death Valley and adjacent areas in the eastern California desert – a chance to see geology in action, and to look back more than 1 billion years through geological time, in an area of outstanding vistas and natural beauty.

Two places are normally set aside for each of Barnard College and SEAS, and the remaining 16 places assigned to students from Columbia College and General Studies. Early application by email is encouraged (mid-November deadline). Check the website for instructions. Offered next in Spring, 2014.

Check out the Spring, 2011 slide show in LDEO News


Sedimentary Geology students at High Falls, New York, September, 2007